Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Well Under my Goal

Since it's the thing I most want to start off with, a couple bits about Heart and Stroke today. First of all, all of my work, aside from the "evil binder" and some problems I came across in a few of the piles, is done. It took me right until the very last minute to finish them too, because luck would have it that the last pile would have some 30 sheets of the workplace people right at the end, for which I had to first add the canvassers (name, address, etc.), distribute their receipts to them, then go into each receipt distribution page and mark the entire range (20 receipts) as void, because what do people do but say "Oh, yeah, I'll canvass!" then not do anything at all. Although given they were all workplace canvassers, as stated, it may be have been something imposed by whoever they work for. Not failing to collect any money, but having to express an interest in P2P, even if a false one. Michele thinks it's pointless too though, so at least somebody else agrees.

Anyways, yeah. Finished all those, which took me right up to 5:00, then as I was putting an elastic around the last pile and putting it on top of the others in Michele's office, we discussed plans for next week, which right now are me going in there one day. Probably Wednesday, because I'd rather like to have Monday off, then close on Tuesday, but she said we'll be going through that binder, then I pointed out the purple slips sticking out of the pile of piles with problem descriptions written on them, so hopefully we'll be working through those too. I left the office after that to go tidy up my area and change, when she started hollering something about movie certificates to me. She wants to personally give me some sort of reward for getting all that work done (and by "personally", I mean from her and not Heart and Stroke), so we settled on Bulk Barn certificates, because I was trying to avoid giving an answer by pointing out how she'd forgotten to bring in more snacks despite saying she would yesterday. So I'll take them and buy whatever catches my interest there, I suppose. It's just unnecessary to be rewarded if anything, but that's not as bad as I'm making it sound. After all, there's still this volunteer appreciation thing they're holding on the 21st, actually, which I definitely won't be attending now after hearing it mentioned on the radio, and also seeing how they're calling literally every person that's done anything for them, so it'd be more of a formal event with lots of people, and the Christmas party is about my limit.

Continuing to the rest of the afternoon, nothing too noteworthy happened at Real Canadian Superstore, but I was dropped off at Taco Bell on the way home to get my money from Manoah, then immediately went across the street to deposit that, which I feel leaves me quite well off in regards to money right now. I'm not sure what my exact balance is, but it's somewhere near $2,200, and I still have both my tax return (~$300) and another pay (~$400) before the end of the month. Awesome to think about, but still, I'll be taking $200 to London, and will need about the same amount when we switch to Teksavvy, so most of that will disappear pretty fast. Regardless of that though, I do have enough to stay above $2,000 until my next pay, so I plan to stop at the bank on the way to work tomorrow and transfer another $1,000 into my savings account. That way I'm not tempted to spend a whole bunch in the next couple weeks, which I almost had myself convinced to do tonight. Not going to say on what, but if I had been able to find something that looked good on Staples' site, I would've walked out there around 7. Yeah <3

But for now, I have other things to do before I call it a night (the artist I'm getting a reference sheet from has been waiting all day ;_;), and also have a bit more interest in getting back into Pokemon HeartGold after seeing this earlier. I even get to sleep in for an extra hour tomorrow, so things are going really well at the moment, but after that, three hours with Melissa and Mary, during which any number of things could happen. James has it worse for actually having to close with them, but it'll probably be my turn before too long. At least it's not this weekend~

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