Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Six Minutes to Go

I figure I'll give myself until 5. Plans for today consist of walking out to Real Canadian Superstore and maybe Walmart, because over the past week I've been thinking back to December and how it was really fun going out there at any odd hour <3 Of course that isn't possible now, but I still want to go out there during the evening to do something slightly different with this day off. No idea whether Josh is still going to come 'round here or not, but nothing's going to change even if he doesn't. Also, going back up to having today off, I was wrong about the coming few. I work another supper shift tomorrow, close on Monday, have Tuesday off, and am waiting to see the new schedule when I go to work tomorrow. All that changes is going to Heart and Stroke on Tuesday instead, but that's fine, and I'd prefer to get that out of the way as early on in the week as possible.

Now, as for the schedule, Melissa was still working on it when I left last night, so all I know thus far is, with almost complete certainty, I'll be closing with Sheila on Sunday and Monday. Just before I walked out the door, she (Melissa) asked if I minded being put on both nights, and I don't really, as long as I'm left to do my thing, including walking home. Something I was rather worried about last night as well, but surprisingly I was left to continue washing dishes once Melissa and Mary got there, until Melissa asked me to go outside and take the letters off the sign because the mini crunchwrap promotion is ending early or something. After that I wandered about cleaning up and taking on other tasks that needed to be done, and finished off almost all of James' dishes in time to go back up front and have exactly one minute to wait before leaving. All told, it was a far better shift then I'd been expecting, so yay :3 Oh, and on a final note in regards to this topic, earlier this week Manoah and I were discussing the two of them closing, and he told me how last time they were on a close together, they ordered a bucket of chicken. Sure enough, what question would I get asked last night but "Do you want to get chicken with us?" No, because it's first of all really something to see the two "strictest" managers there advocating anything but continuing to work between orders, and also, KFC strikes me as incredibly unhealthy, and I wanted to save my money for today anyways.

Going back a bit next, I did go to the bank and take care of things there, but not in the exact way I was expecting. There is, at present, an extra ~$700 in my savings account, but I'm waiting until we either get paid in two weeks or I get my tax return before transferring the other $300. Still $1,000 in the end, but not quite yet. Good enough <3

In regards to today though, there hasn't been much else to talk about yet. I've just been continuing to read scary stories on Reddit, in between them marveling at how much less scary they seem in the daytime. Definitely takes something away from it, but I'll get back to them later tonight. Sometime sooner than that I also need to send off a description for yet another commission I've taken interest in on Furbid too, but I look at this one in the sense I want to buy something non-edible for me as a sort of celebration for being well off in regards to money. Commissions aren't that special anymore, you might say, but it definitely works. It does make three I have on the go right now (possibly more if you consider multiple slots to be separate commissions), but it's fun in a way.

For right now, however, I need to get ready to leave, and hope for a fun walk. This time I plan on going up along Sandys and Orangewood, then back down along Victoria or Elizabeth or whatever that street is that's one over from St. Clair, so it'll be a little different, if anything. Good enough place to start~

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