Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just a Typical Day

All my careful planning goes straight out the window in such that I was able to come home tonight and only be told that the chicken made for supper was already gone, and Tabby was in a bad mood. Yeah, fascinating stuff, but I was a bit annoyed about the chicken. Didn't say anything though, and truthfully, they wouldn't have known I wanted any to begin with, because I left while Mom and Dad were off picking Adam up from work, and got back home just as they were finishing eating. No sign of Josh in any form, but there are literally countless reasons that could've happened (or could not have, if you prefer), so it won't be any use trying to decide which one sounds the most plausible. Besides, all that matters is that I had fun on my walk, and would consider making that a regular weekend thing if it wasn't going to get even warmer soon. For the most part today was comfortable, but I can remember afternoons not even two weeks ago where I started work at 5 and was just about ready to fall down on the way there because of the heat. Well, perhaps not "fall down", but I really hated Melissa for scheduling me to start so early.

Getting back to today, my exact route taken can be seen here, and I did, in fact, go to Walmart before Real Canadian Superstore. Spent a good deal of time browsing over the bookshelves and whatnot too, which led to the decision that two Thursdays from now, if I still want to buy one, I'll ask to go to Walmart after we get groceries, so I'm not attempting to carry a ~20lb bookshelf all the way home. The return trip started out pretty rough today anyways. I couldn't even get to Gregory Drive without having to move my arm around so it was facing forward instead, or completely swapping bags so the heavier one would be on the left side of the body. That continued up to when I reached Victoria, and after that, the discomfort simply faded, as did everything else, because I became lost in thought with topics I can't remember now, and only looked up every couple minutes to see how far away the next intersection was, and if there was anybody ahead of me. Fun in a way, but it didn't last for much longer after I reached McNaughton. Overall I'd say the best part of the entire walk was either finding exactly what I'd been looking for at Walmart, or deciding to get a Slurpee from 7-11 before going home. Spending only $25 (out of my bank account, that is) was rather nice too, but everything regarding money is going to feel stuck where it is until I'm able to transfer the latter chunk of that $1,000 into my savings account.

Things sine then have been less noteworthy, unless you consider cleaning up my room and doing laundry to be really interesting, but it was the walk that made it a fun day. Good even now, because I'm exhausted and hope to maybe sleep in until 3 tomorrow instead of 2. Or maybe I should completely forgo trying to do that as mentioned last week and wait until I'm done with Heart and Stroke for the summer. Can't be too much longer now, but it's only Sunday, so I'm not going to start worrying about that. I am going to bed though. Maybe tomorrow I'll have to get to what I didn't tonight (something to do with fonts), but we'll see. I will need something to start the day with, after all~

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