Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Better Than I Expected

Woke up about half an hour ago, and wandered downstairs hoping to find a package in the kitchen, but there were only envelopes. Several for Dad, one of which was from Bell that I can only imagine the content of, due to it still being too early for the bill to have come, and down underneath those, one for me, in an official government-type envelope. In it was a check for exactly $801.96, so yeah. Awesome <3 All of that will be deposited at whichever bank is open later tonight, and the $300 I mentioned previously will be transferred over, bringing things back to how they were before this past weekend. Speaking of which, since I'll have the money quite soon, and was given this coming Thursday off, I might ask to go up to Walmart either when Mom and Naomi head out to get groceries and get a ride back with them, or wait until later at night and go with Mom or Dad alone, which would make alot more sense as we'd have the van.

There are other expenses to consider too, such as Mom getting $120 next week instead of $40, as she needs the extra eighty to buy groceries, and also London, but at this point, the latter isn't very much a concern. I know I'll have enough - it's just a matter of waiting 'till the night before to withdraw it. As for the internet, one week to go now, and I'm still uncertain what exactly I need to pay directly from my bank account, but I suppose if nothing else, I can send them an email before leaving for work and have a response by the time I get back.

Now, before I fall back into this pattern of usual stuff, I've been thinking more about this coming weekend and how it's really not going to be enjoyable. I was thinking it would be nice to walk back out to Walmart to get more of those large boxes of Smarties, but work 8-close on Saturday. Alright, alright, I suppose I can take that, but the night before, I have a supper shift, from 5-11 as seems to be the standard for me these days. Once again, okay, a supper shift won't be all bad, because I'll at least be able to leave while everybody else is still working. After those two though are my two closes with Sheila, and with the way yesterday went, I'm not to thrilled at the thought of working them. Everybody says "Well, you know she'll want to get out of there right away", but she and I are the only closers both nights, so what am I to do? There's very little closing stuff she knows how to do fully, so here's hoping I'm on line and she keeps the dishes caught up, if nothing else. I wouldn't mind it so much if there were another regular closer on with us, but something about being scheduled to work with a manager that knows less than me about that shift's work (how to actually do it, namely) leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

That's still another week away though, and for now my only concern is closing with Steve tonight then working 6-12 on Wednesday. As stated on several occasions before, it's this one day off at a time thing I don't like. Before I start repeating that too though, I'm off to find things to watch and games to play. Have an extra three hours today, and they will definitely be made use of~

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