Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Just Go Tomorrow

Kind of funny how this works, but I am getting so very tired of things concerning money now. The past week has been nothing but a mess of deposits and transfers and withdrawals and everything else involving large amounts, and all I want at the moment is to go back to what things were two weeks ago. Visit 7-11 and Tim Hortons a couple times between pay dates, spend $50 at most on things online, give Mom and / or Dad whatever they required, and leave the rest to be saved. Probably won't end until the 29th or 30th though, but at least what's left is all spending aside from getting paid next week. With the addition of one thing tomorrow. After thinking about it most of the night, I decided I would look into getting a ride out to Walmart tomorrow. Might as well do that with a day I know I have off instead of waiting to see what next week looks like, and I do have the money now as well with that deposit made earlier tonight. Nothing too notable in my checking account, but savings is up to ~$13,000, so that's good. Right around what I expected it to be, and the next time anything like that will happen will be when we get our vacation pay in June or so. Quite a way off, so it'll be welcome by the time that month rolls around.

Getting away from that, work tonight was mostly standard, except my "internal clock", if you will, was off by about half an hour, so I was doing everything early. Bagging stuff, cleaning the floors, getting bins ready for the end of the night, and so on. Nothing too bad, but as I remarked to Steve about the odor of the grill after cleaning it, I haven't worked a close in too long. Oh, and also, for the last hour it was like I was one step away from falling asleep, because every time anything beeped, it would shock / surprise me in the way my alarm clock always does, and there'd be a noticeable couple second delay as I came to and remembered what I was doing. Kind of the same as things are now, except here I have a pillow and blankets and am not making food for everybody, so I'm much more inclined to say "forget this, I'm going to bed for the night" again.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing how things go at Heart and Stroke tomorrow, not in hopes I get those gift certificates, but rather really wishing Michele and I will be able to get through the entire binder of whatever changes have to be made, and I can leave with being told "That's it for now then. See you in September". Will it actually happen? No, but I like the thought <3 The afternoon would be even better if I didn't have dishes waiting for me at home, but that's what I'm hoping having a shelf to set up and put things on will help go by more quickly. No other plans for the night though, but there's plenty to start with right now.

Until then, I will probably just go straight to bed. Don't want to be tired in the morning, and I haven't anything else to do right now anyways. Boredom in a way, but being tired is one of the best solutions to that~

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