Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Done for Another Week

I guess you could say things went well enough today. Heart and Stroke didn't go quite as I hoped it would, but all the notes left in that binder were dealt with, and I'm done there again until next week when I will, presumably, be taking care of the kits that are still coming in. Nowhere near as much work like that, and just a few minutes ago I was thinking how much better it would be if Michele said "Don't worry about coming in any more for now. I'll email you once we have all the remaining kits so you can come in one afternoon and finish them up", but maybe she has other plans. Got my gift card though, so tomorrow before work, I will be going to Bulk Barn to see what $15 can buy <3 Apparently I've finished our P2P receipting stuff before any other office has, and on my own at that, so it's kind of nice to be rewarded in that sense. Then just before I left she said thanks again, followed by a bit about how she knows if there are ever any problems in the future, she can call me and I'll come in to see what's wrong. I think so, but ideally I'd be the one running into the problems, so I'm still not sure where she was going with that.

Anyways, I had about half an hour to myself after getting done there, then we went out to Walmart. First of all, it may be a little unnecessary, but I'm going back there (walking out) on Thursday. I not only want to buy a couple more of those small rugs mentioned previously (there are ten different colors (I think), and I am bent on collecting the whole set <3), but they also have, right up at the front, packages of 8 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for 97 cents. Works out to two normal-sized bars with an extra two cups, for less than the price of one at 7-11 or any other store. Seems like a good deal, and I also need something to do with my afternoon then, so that should be fun again. As for things purchased there today, two 2-shelf bookcases, one of said rugs, and two packages of peanut butter cups, totaling ~$65. Fair deal, and I got the last two brown bookcases (as opposed to black), so that worked out quite well ^^ Both of them are set up now, obviously, and I even went so far as to tidy up the spare room earlier so I could put my dresser in there and free up a little more space in here. All that needs to be done is vacuuming, but I'll probably get to that on Thursday as well.

Other than that, today has been terrifically boring. Got a call from work way back at noon asking if I'd come in for a 5-8 shift, but I declined that for having already planned to be at Heart and Stroke, and aside from the stuff mentioned in the above paragraph, I've mostly been sitting here thinking about things, and repeatedly checking for any new emails, in hopes there would be progress with even one of these commissions. Obviously I've received nothing in that regard, but going back to what I said about contacting Teksavvy the other night, they responded this afternoon to say that, because of the banks (whatever that means), they no longer accept pre-authorized payments. My options now are credit card, telephone payments, or online billing. I really like the sound of the latter, but only in the sense that I can pay it directly from my Easyweb thing, and receive an email either from the bank or Teksavvy when a payment is due, so I don't have to keep checking back every other day. Barring that, there's using my Visa, but at least that should work without problems if the other one doesn't.

As for tomorrow, I've been given a 6-12 shift for a change, but before that, will hopefully be waking up around 1 so I can go out to Bun Master for some pizza buns, because there are a bunch in the fridge now that I want to take so badly but can't because they're Naomi's, and if I wait to go on Thursday around 5, there will only be a couple left as there always are around that time in the afternoon. Then Bulk Barn as well, but whatever I buy there will be shared with whoever is working over supper. Well, just one bag, because if they have the sour / fizzy pop bottle candies I always get at 7-11, I'll definitely grab plenty of those. Even have some special plans in mind for after work, but whether or not they come to pass depends on how things are at midnight, so I don't want to get ahead of myself yet. Let's just say it involves more walking, to a place I've been before. On which note I need to put some more music on my PSP, which might as well be done right now lest I move onto anything else instead~

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