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Now I Recruit People <3

Seems fitting in a way. One of the other tasks I was given at Heart and Stroke on Tuesday afternoon was to make up schedules for the Big Bike volunteers on all the days that event will be running coming up. Each and every list on the rough sheets I was given had an entry for "Summer student" but no particular name, which I put in anyways thinking that maybe they had people lined up to fill those slots, but hadn't written their names down yet. Skip ahead now to yesterday afternoon at work, just after I got there but before I went over to Bulk Barn. Tryphena and I were talking about typical things ("How was your day?" and such), and I mentioned my plans to go out and buy candy to share with everybody, which led to another explanation of how I got the gift card. Her next question was along the lines of wanting to know if she could do something like that (volunteer work there) because she still needs another ten hours for school, so I offered to write down her phone number and send Michele an email explaining things when I got home, and that's exactly what I did.

Sure enough as well, as a result of doing so I had a very unsettling dream where I was talking with Michele, listening to her explain how they didn't need any more help then, and even if they did, the volunteer(s) would have to be hired through more official means, namely filling out an application. Yeah. I've not heard anything from her yet today, but will see Tryphena at work tomorrow, so I can ask about progress then. If nothing else she could end up being one of those summer students, so we'll see. As for going to Bulk Barn, I have way too much candy once again. With a little more foresight I might have thought to ask for a gift card from Walmart or Tim Hortons, but it's too late now. There's only ~$1.50 left on the one I was given anyways, but I did spot bags of Combos there for 99 cents yesterday, so I might have to make one last trip out there tomorrow to use most of that remaining balance.

Or I could go today, because they're open 'till 9 and I'm already going to be well out past that place, but I'll see about that then too. Just waiting until 5:30 or 6, because while it feels fine in here, it is apparently twenty-eight degrees outside. Oh, and there's a response from Michele just now. "I'm glad you are enjoying the candy. Thank you for all that you do. I'll look into the info below early next week." Must you be so formal, Michele? I'm not personally enjoying the candy so much as I like sharing it with everybody else (truly, if I eat too much candy at once it makes the outsides of my teeth feel really weird...), and I do not wish to be thanked for "all that I do". One simple "thanks" for finishing the work in STAR early will suffice, which she has already given me, and otherwise it's just embarrassing. But as for the other bit, I guess I'll let Tryphena know tomorrow then. And double-check their phone number with Manoah because she wasn't completely certain of it, but otherwise, yeah.

Anyways, since I still have some time now I will go get the vacuum just so that doesn't get put off for a month like last time, and see if that doesn't give me any more ideas for things to do afterward. Some are coming to me even now, in fact, so I should get started~

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