Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Extreme Version of Proofreading

Same thing as yesterday night here. I write an entire entry, then in looking it over and thinking about how it sounds realize it comes across as really jumbled and awkward sounding, but don't want to erase the entire thing and start over, so I open the update page in a new tab, and start fresh while referring back to the other one for where I was going.

To begin with, a dream I didn't write about in the other tab. I was at home, talking to Mom or Dad, and they told me there was some sort of big cat loose in the house. It wasn't a threat, but needed to be found so it could be returned to wherever it had come from, and I thought nothing more of it until going to bed. Well, that is, I was picturing in my head what they could be talking about, and the most reasonable image was that of a medium-sized snow leopard. Indeed <3 So anyways, I either went to bed or just went into my room in the dream, and did normal things there for a while until I had to go to the bathroom. Got up, unlocked my door, and was in the middle of the hallway when I glanced over to my right, at the door to Mom and Dad's room. Even though I thought I saw Tabby, it was too dark to be sure, so I walked over there, and bent down to pick it up, only to find that it was the aforementioned escapee cat. I remember having to use both my arms to pick it up, as it was quite heavy, but it didn't protest too much as the cats usually do, making only some low "I've been caught" type groans. I think I took it downstairs to the cat room because it seemed the sensible thing to do (in reality, however, I would've brought it into my room so it couldn't run away and taken some pictures / a video for visual proof <3), and then the dream trailed off into other bits I can't remember, and ended when I woke up and immediately had to check my emails even though I knew there wouldn't be anything new.

Awesome in a way, but now, since two words out of that remind me of other things from yesterday, I'll move onto them.

The first one is that, as with almost every other weekend supper shift I've worked in recent history, I was assigned to steam yesterday night. Kim and Sheila were on line with me as well, so things went mostly okay, but Sheila, of course, could not resist telling us about various things that happened to her within the past week, and one of them concerned her laptop. She gave the one I tried to fix away to Loads of Love, and they had it fixed in a day. Not sure if she was saying that as a "But you couldn't get it working" sort of attack, but I didn't have a chance to pay it much mind, because she continued on to telling us how she bought a new laptop, but couldn't do the one thing she wanted with it - chat with her daughters on Facebook. Apparently she guessed her password wrong an impossible number of times (~60), so they locked her out, and she is "still waiting for the email they're supposed to be sending me so I can get a new password". I would've liked to tell her that on Wednesday night, I used the password reset link to do the same thing so I could try verifying Tryphena and Manoah's phone number with that fake account I created to check that group about me, and received the email immediately. It's not them, it's you. Or your email provider. Also, I've rather breezed past this now, but also directed to Sheila, there is only one way to spell "leopard", and that is it. It's not "leapord", nor "lepeard", leoperd", or even, god forbid "leopeord". There are many, may dictionaries available online. I advise you use one of them.

Anyways, as for the other linking word, I can't remember what type of entry I wrote about it in (public or protected), but a couple months ago I was stopped by somebody on the way to work, who wanted to record a movie of me to put online. I said that was fine, and my biggest regret afterwards was my nose running all the way through. So he came in to Taco Bell last night, and at first I didn't recognize him, but of course, I had completely forgotten about the movie as well. Haven't even gone on Youtube in a while either. The last time was to reply to a message about my PoPoLoCrois videos, giving somebody a link to where they could get one of the game's songs, and that was quite a while ago too. As for the video of me, it has purportedly been viewed ~300 times. Good? Bad? I'm not sure, but he wants to record another one, which I would like purely to make light of my nose running in the other. He, however, will have to catch me while I'm out walking around as before, because I don't like the thought of planning it ahead quite as much. In that case I'd actually have time to prepare, and then I'd be way too worried about everything going just right. Might very well happen before the end of the month though, because I plan on walking home from Real Canadian Superstore on Thursday already (for I want to go over to Walmart either before or after we get groceries, and maybe actually get a milkshake then), and the week after next have both Monday and Tuesday off, so money permitting, I'll be going out there yet again. Also on that week I've already decided that, should she still need me, I'll go to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday or Thursday instead, and almost immediately after that, have my trip to London.

More immediately though, I'm going to use this hour and a bit I have left to play Spirit Tracks some more. Made an attempt at it last night, but got frustrated with not being able to shake off the bees, and turned it off. Or I could play Pokemon SoulSilver, which I started too, but it froze upon trying to exit the PC menu. At first I thought that might be because of copy protection in the game, but now I think it could be the same thing as when Platinum used to randomly freeze up, so I'd have to save frequently. Zelda does sound better though, and I know it does have copy protection, so I might as well see if my version is playable or not. All I know is I'll find out on the train~

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