Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Monday Really Sneaks Up

Thinking about tomorrow some more right now, and I've decided that even though I have one other option, I'm going to walk up to Money Mart before starting work tonight so I can put $200 on my card there. Really don't want to rely entirely on that to pay for the internet from now on, but it's the one option I know will work, and I need to ask them why I'm still being charged $15 a month anyways. If I have to call the company myself instead of asking for it to be switched in-store, then so be it, but I don't know if that's necessary yet. Also, sort of continuing that, I've decided to pick up some snacks after work tomorrow as well, entirely so I can have a reward worth closing with Sheila two days in a row. Originally I was thinking 7-11, and I probably still will go there, but a couple nights ago learned bags of Combos cost only a dollar each at Bulk Barn, and I'd like to pick up some more there as they sell them more cheaply than any other place. Or I could also be satisfied with just going there, because thanks to something I did earlier this week, I may have more free time on Tuesday than originally expected.

I went downstairs at about midnight on Thursday to switch my laundry over to the dryer, and happened to notice a large pile of dishes in the kitchen, and after some thinking decided I didn't have anything better to do, went back upstairs for my laptop, then washed all of them. Yesterday night I learned they were Naomi's, so I told Mom because I did those, she could do mine on Tuesday, which seems only fair. Apparently she chose not to for having too much homework, but in that case tell Mom or Dad and work something out with them. Don't just leave the things all scattered about like they were. As such though, if that goes like I'm hoping, then I might as well use being out and about after Heart and Stroke to head up to and get some snacks from Charlie's Variety. We'll see on Tuesday, I guess.

As for other things, Spirit Tracks is coming along well. I've beaten the first dungeon now, after coming home last night and almost immediately going right back to it from then until I went to bed. Still pretty fun, although the Lost Woods was rather creepy, with the train tracks and crossing signs seeming so out-of-place. Well, not so much for the train tracks, but for an area so forlorn and desolate, they could have at least made the signs at the forks run-down looking. Oh, and the flute is kind of confusing too, because half the time I end up whistling the note to be played instead of just blowing into the microphone, so it doesn't pick it up unless I'm very close <3 As for sleep, it wasn't quite as good, but only because I was having dreams of being at work again, and I literally had thoughts running through my head of "I need this to finish the order I'm on, then this other item starts the next one" and so on. I'd almost managed to clear my mind a couple times, but then would completely fall asleep again, and it would start all over. That's not to say work was bad either. The last hour was absolutely hilarious, because Orlando kept introducing himself as "Billy Joe Bob", and asking customers if they would "like to try our deee-licious five layer burrito". Just dumb things we do to pass the time, but it was funny too, and for one bar rush Steve didn't complain about all the orders.

Anyways, more Spirit Tracks sounds good now, because I need something fun before tonight. First of two closes with Sheila, so here's to hoping it goes well~

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