Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What Trickery is This?

A guide for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver arrived in the mail today. I purchased it last week, and was originally working things out with the seller so that I could return it for the English-only version, as he sent out the Canadian one by accident at first, and when asked what the differences between that and the US version were, said one had both English and French text, and the other English only. That doesn't appear so, however, so now I'm waiting on another reply from him to see if me keeping the one that came today will pose any problem. There is a second issue though, but only in the content of the guide itself. As anybody who played the original Pokemon Gold or Silver, or has even heard about the DS remakes, the game spans both the Johto and Kanto regions. Therefore, one would assume the guide would cover them too, but no. The one I have now is for Johto only, and the other, according to Amazon, won't be released until April 27th. As the title of this entry (sort of) says, what clever trickery. Still, I can preorder it, so I'll just add a little more to my Visa tonight, as I never did go there yesterday.

Well, in truth I tried to, but apparently the one over on St. Clair closes at 4 on Sunday, so then I had to go back to Taco Bell, be asked where I'd gone, and have Sheila tell me I shouldn't do business with Money Mart because they weren't a very reputable company. Maybe not to you, but I've had no problems with them yet aside from their switching to Visa, and the only thing with that is it isn't as convenient to get things from Tim Hortons anymore. Having a credit card is somewhat useful, but I much prefer the idea of it being prepaid instead of spending money I may not have. So whatever she was on about, she can keep it to herself. The rest of the close actually wasn't the bad, aside from having to wait a bit later to do most closing-specific things, and I also learned that Melissa makes George spy on her, and every morning some day of the week I forget now, she has he and one other employee who wasn't named tell her everything Sheila did without Melissa around. Moderately immature, but also moderately amusing, so they can continue that for as long as they wish, until non-management staff start getting brought into it.

The only downside was effectively being forced to accept a ride home, but we talked entirely about the shift along the way, and she thanked me several times for helping her out. One other thing that came up was George and Melissa again, and she mentioned how Melissa told her (Sheila), she'd have to ask me about closing with her, but she couldn't see any reason for that, because apparently I should be delighted to close with the AGM. Not particularly, but I'll work the shifts I'm given, especially because I have tomorrow off and am hoping for the third week in a row that I'll finish whatever work I'm given at Heart and Stroke, and be told by Michele to take the rest of the summer off. Oh, and I also need to remember to tell her I won't be attending the volunteer appreciation event, but she'll likely ask me before I remember to remind her.

As for anything else this afternoon, I'd consider picking Spirit Tracks up again, but am a bit loathe to trudge through everything I had done before dying yesterday just yet, so I'll content myself with some other game for a bit longer. Then heading to both Bulk Barn and Money Mart before work, and depending what time we get out of there, maybe walking home first, then taking a trip out to 7-11 after I've had a chance to relax. The reason I want to go home first is to check my balance with the money going onto my Visa taken away, but we'll see what I feel like doing then. Might even decide to be happy with Combos instead, but yeah. No sense working things out too finely yet~

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