Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Today's Theme: Internet Woes

I guess a little foresight would be nice, yet again. I did not realize at all that the cancellation date I requested with Bell (May 1st) was a Saturday, so now the connection with Teksavvy won't be activated until the 3rd, or up to ten business days past that if any complications should arise. Sucks mostly because I'll only have about four hours to do whatever catches my interest when I get back from London, but it's also only a couple days, maybe less than that depending when Bell "pulls the plug", so to speak, which I guess is negligible. It's not like I don't have anything else to keep me busy, and will only become a concern if it isn't activated by 11:59 on Monday. Adam's more or less okay with the idea, but Naomi's not pleased for something to do with her placement, and apparently I'm supposed to be emailing whoever she reports to so I can explain the situation. It's not like I care though. Simple matter of saying "It's my fault for not realizing the 1st was a Saturday, but I trust this advance notice will give you time to work things out on how to communicate via phone, or if sending any type of work is required, serve as a warning that it won't be available by her normal schedule, and I accept full responsibility for any of the consequences." Or she could optionally call around and find somebody willing to take the files from a USB stick and send them to the intended recipient instead. Lots of options to work with.

At least that's done though, and overall it cost a little less than I was expecting, which is definitely good at this point. I absolutely refuse to let my balance drop below $1,100 before our next pay, and after going to Money Mart yesterday, the only other significant change that will make is bringing half of what I was originally planning to London with me, and have my debit card and an extra $50 to spend if I should see anything else that I absolutely must have. Oh, and I'm going to Walmart only once before that trip, but all in all the changes are mostly minor, and things I can do well enough working within anyways. It seems my biggest problem of late has been buying things online over the weekend, when the transfer isn't immediately processed, so it looks like I have more money than I actually do, but don't realize that until it's too late. Although on one good note, Sheila mentioned last night that our pay increase will be showing up on the pay stubs that came in today, so hopefully I can go there tomorrow and see at least $450 instead. Would be quite nice <3

As for closing a second time with her last night, it was about the same as Sunday, except for the couple people who came through at the last minute, followed by some guy on his bike, who she started yelling at after he did the same to her, and thought those actions were justified because of what he did. In a way, I suppose, but it's awfully unbecoming for anybody holding her position. If it's one thing those closes have shown me though, it's how self-important she is. Since I don't feel like delving into that, however, just one other amusing thing I noticed yesterday. As mentioned in my previous entry, she's concerned about George spying on her. Last night she was just as worried about James, and thus wouldn't let me take certain stuff back to be washed until he was gone, but how, Sheila, do you know I'm not going to say anything? Mind you, I wouldn't even if Melissa asked, because there's nothing she could question me about that she shouldn't go to Sheila with in the first place, but she seems to have written me off as completely trustworthy, and I'm sort of curious to know what she bases that assumption on.

Anyways, I have some other things to do now, most notably getting back to the artist doing my reference sheet once again to let them know if they've done the spots right, and might just try to make it through the Snow Temple in Spirit Tracks for the third time later. Made it all the way up to the boss before going to bed this morning, but couldn't work out how to beat it's smaller forms after it destroys the torches, but have one idea to go on right now. Maybe I'll have some success to report later <3~

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