Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Slightly Less than Typical

In any other case, this would've seemed like a very long day, and in a sense it has been, but I'm almost at the end now. I just refuse to let myself go to bed before 6 tonight, as with all those afternoons spent at Heart and Stroke, and those frequent supper shifts this past month, I've been both going to bed and waking up earlier than normal. Today it was bed at 4:30, and waking up at 11:30, but I'd say things worked out well, and it was nice to have the extra time.

Starting from the beginning, when I first woke up, I didn't feel tired at all, but reasoned it might just be what I've experienced before, where I wake up feeling the same way, but an hour later will be dead tired and end up falling asleep again. As such, I picked my DS up, only to see I'd left it on overnight, at a point about halfway through the Ocean Temple in Spirit Tracks, so I continued with that, beating the boss on my first try, navigated back to the Tower of Spirits, then got bored and picked up my laptop again. Skip ahead to 12:45, and I decided it was time to head out to Shoppers. When I woke up yesterday there was a delivery slip taped to one of the cupboards in the kitchen for me, and I wanted more to pick it up myself, which is exactly what I did. Although I only got to 7-11 before remembering said slip noted the package would be available for pickup after 1pm. I continued on anyways though, reasoning it would be 1 by the time I got there, and indeed it was. Things were a bit fun there too, as the lady behind the counter asked for ID, but then paused and said "Nevermind. I remember you." Certainly one advantage I hadn't really considered, and along the same lines an old guy walking along the sidewalk just outside Shoppers meowed at me, which was a bit weird. Whatever.

So after that, I went home again, and immediately asked Mom if we could go get groceries at 2, since I was awake and not doing anything else with my time. She agreed, but we left at ten-to because Adam needed to be dropped off at work first, then off we went. Nothing much of immediate interest there, but after we'd finished loading the groceries into the van, I informed Mom I'd be walking home. My pay this week was a bit higher than expected, thanks to having both our new $10.25 an hour and my 5 hour shift from Good Friday on it, so I used little of the extra to buy three more of those rugs from Walmart. Then I went back over to Real Canadian Superstore and asked one of the employees a question, but their final response was to the effect of that I'd have to call the "meat manager" on Saturday and ask then. The thing is, I close Saturday night, but if he or she gives me a positive response, I'll probably leave the house at 5, drop my uniform off at work, then walk out to Real Canadian Superstore to get what I want there. Even if their answer isn't favorable, I might head out there anyways, as long as Adam comes through tomorrow. Earlier tonight I showed them how Teksavvy's first month payment had been taken from my card, and explained that, as such, I would appreciate them getting their $60 share of that to me as soon as possible. He asked if tomorrow was alright, and as long as that works out, I might have to go out to Walmart as well and pick up three more of those rugs, which would leave me needing only one more <3

Getting away from things to come though, I made an unscheduled stop at Food Basics on the way back home, then at Taco Bell for a glass of water and to confirm having booked Mothers' Day off with Melissa, then finally, a slight detour to Harvey's for a milkshake. The rest of the time between then and 9 was less remarkable, but after cooling off and deciding I wanted to go out there, took a quick walk out to 7-11 for snacks, and I've been laying here since. Maybe not the best day I've had recently (the afternoon when I finished the pile of P2P sheets at Heart and Stroke would be close as well), but it was fun, and that's good enough for me <3 I do have an hour and a half left though, so I'll probably start that by finishing this entry up, then jumping in the shower, because I haven't all day, and really need it after that walk earlier. Should I still have time after that, getting back to Spirit Tracks again sounds like it'd be fun (my DS is still on), but we'll see. There's really no need to go to bed at 6, but at the moment all that's keeping me awake is an energy drink I had earlier. The shower might help too, but yeah. I need to get there first~

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