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So Much for That...

My God. We were just at the bank, and everything went smoothly for my getting a debit card, only to find out, when we got to the paperwork, that there's a limit of $1,000 daily spending, as well as a $500 limit on ATM withdrawls. Also, for some stupid reason, I agreed to put $5,000 into some sort of savings account, but that's only good for a year, so once it's up, screw renewing it. Screw the whole interest thing in general. If I have a certain amount of money in my account, I like it to stay at that much, as opposed to increasing or decreasing. Same thing goes for another $2,000, so where I once had over 10K, I now only have ~$6,000.

So it's like, what the hell am I supposed to do about getting a laptop now? I could try asking Mom, but she's already buying Naomi one, and Naomi's paying her back, and I doubt she's up for spending so much money in one day. Screw it though. I'm at least going to be getting up to Staples sometime this afternoon to see how much they are there. Techincally, I could just go up to the teller and ask to withdraw the money, but that just wouldn't work.

So for now, we're just waiting on Adam to call to be picked up so he can go get his lunch, then I'm going to ask if we can go out to Staples. If it really comes to it, I guess I'm going to be withdrawing $500 a day for the next week. It's a last resort, but hey.

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