Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Was Bound to Happen

It would appear next time I request days off, I'll have to take a picture of the note as proof that I wrote it. Melissa claims to have no record of me asking for the 28th through 30th off, and while she scheduled me to not work on Thursday anyways, I'm closing both the night before, and the night after. At first I was really annoyed at that, because I've had these plans since the beginning of the year and all, but after some more time went by and I realized there were more important things to worry about there than my time off, I decided just having the 29th might still work okay. It would, for one, reinforce the feeling of going to London just for the day, I can still do everything I want, and working immediately before and after at least helps my next pay to stay at a reasonable amount, instead of being affected by having five days off and working only one between the second and third.

Or, that would all apply for certain, if there wasn't still a possibility she's going to fix it. I pointed out the problem last night, and Melissa said she could switch things around again, which I felt would work nicely too, because that schedule had gone up not ten minutes prior, so only the staff who were there and not busy at the time had a chance to see it. There were no changes to be found when she left though, so I have a feeling it'll remain as is, but I can still work with that. Just next time, I'll bring my camera, prop the note up next to the screen of the till so the time and date can be seen, and take a picture in case she should say the same thing again. I do also have to consider the possibility one of the other managers took it and forgot to let her know, but that seems far less likely.

Also on the topic of work, one thing concerning Sheila. As noted in a previous entry, she apparently views me as somebody who will never ever report her activities to Melissa, so she can trust me to do certain closing stuff early without saying anything. So why is it then, that yesterday afternoon on the way home from Walmart when I stopped there to get a glass of water, Melissa said "Sheila tells me you were asking her about bagging line early on Sunday." This works both ways, ma'am. You probably didn't see anything wrong with what you said, but I implore you, think about the different outcomes to your response before you answer. Sure, sure, she's the AGM, so if anybody has the right to do that, it's her, but being caught in the middle is still annoying, and leaves me hoping next month she chooses somebody different to close.

Anyways, I have a phone call to make today, and depending how that goes, I may either spend the rest of my afternoon playing Spirit Tracks, or head out to work early and make a detour up to Real Canadian Superstore before my shift starts. Adam still hasn't given me his money, so that ruins my plans that were originally laid out, but whatever. I have the password for the internet, the account is in my name, and the payment came off my card. They can give me at least part of their share before I provide the former bit of info to them. Seems fair enough, but without further ado, I'm off to get the phone. I'd really rather just go up there and talk to the person face to face, but not when I have to work later tonight. If I had the day off, or planned to get anything else out there, yeah, probably, but all of this is just filler now, as it's been said before. My fingers are (figuratively) crossed~

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