Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not What I Wanted

Starting tomorrow, I have a week off. Or rather six days, because my next two shifts are exactly the same, except for the date. Sunday, from 5-12. Yes indeed. I do badly want to go back to Melissa and say "Wait wait wait, I can still work one of those shifts", especially because I feel sorry for Steve, as she (Melissa) has given him Chelsea to close with on Wednesday, but it was my haste that caused this int he first place, so I'll just have to stick with things as they are now. After all, the worst part of it will be my next pay, and all I want to see from it is enough to give Dad and Mom what they need. ~$230 should cover it, what with Dad no longer requiring money for the internet, so we'll see what things look like in two weeks. Mothers' Day is also somewhat a concern, since reservations have been made now, but if need be I can take some of what I hoped to save from this pay for that. $40 in a card, and $80 for supper (assuming Adam brings the same amount) is about it, although I might end up having to pay for her gift from at least one place.

After speaking with him yesterday afternoon, the "meat manager" at Real Canadian Superstore said we could definitely work something out, but I would have to come in on Wednesday instead, as that's when they got their order. Might be a bit bothersome, as I'll have to head out at ~2, but I'll survive. He also, just before we said goodbye, mumbled something about figuring out how much they cost, but at the moment I'm expecting something in the range of ten to twenty dollars. Better yet would be if he gets too confused about the price (I figure it's not a question / request they commonly get) and gives it to me for free, but such wishful thinking won't get me anywhere <3

I seem to be going out there an awful lot lately too. Yesterday afternoon I left for work at 5, dropped my uniform off at Taco Bell, and went all the way out to Walmart for the last four rugs I wanted, when I was already out there last week as well, and will be at least once in the week coming. Not that it's bad, because it certainly provides a fair amount of exercise, but it's almost like Winter again with the frequency of the trips. Soon enough I'll be going out the opposite direction though, on Tuesday afternoon, once I'm done at Heart and Stroke. I have a feeling the staff at No Frills will tell me the same thing those at Real Canadian Superstore did, but hopefully Sobeys will be different. I'm guaranteed half of what I want now, so hopefully the same amount of success will apply to the rest.

As for anything else today, I'm waiting 'till I get home from work to really get started, as there isn't much time left right now. Spirit Tracks is still coming along well enough, although I seem to always be low on hearts in the Fire Temple no matter where I go. Maybe I'll have some more luck now though, as that's about all I can think of to do. With luck I could even have it beaten before leaving, but, we will see~

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