Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

People Must be Dependent

This has me just about curious enough to go looking around and see if anybody else has mentioned it - the tendency to, even though they'd probably be quicker, use the standard checkout lanes in grocery stores instead of the ones where you scan and bag your own items. Me included, because one of the employees at Sobeys was checking people out through one, and I so happened to be in that line. On the way out I couldn't help thinking "That was humiliating", but I find myself wondering what it is that makes people shy away from them. Unfamiliarity? Having to do everything yourself? I couldn't say for certain, but next time I'm at a store with a self checkout lane, I will try using it for a bit of change, and to make up for today ;_;

That being said, the walk out to No Frills was much better. One of the employees was standing right by the door at the back, so I asked my question and explained why I was asking, then had to wait as they went into the back, grabbed a roll of bags (forget trying to keep it a secret anymore), came back out and gave it to me, right after saying "I didn't give this to you". Oh, no need to worry. I haven't the need for anything else you sell at the moment, and unless the urge to go there again strikes later this summer, you won't see me again for a while. For the second time though, no money required, and only a brief explanation of why I wanted them, which is why I'm doing away with the secrecy. Even if Naomi should get the same idea now, she'll be answered with a "There was already a guy in here last week asking for the same thing for the same reason" and hopefully suspicious looks <3 I do still need to get a card and $40 to put in it, of course, but I'm holding off on that for a bit, as there's no rush.

The only downside was Sobeys not having said bags at all, but rather longer and more narrow versions of them, roughly large enough to stack a couple apples up inside of, and I wasn't going to bother them about getting some of those. Who knows? Maybe I'll pass by a grocery store while out walking in London, and be able to get a roll from them. Not my biggest concern, but we'll see. There is actually a new place to go I have in mind though, which will help a little bit to take up more of the "free" time I'll have there. I was thinking about it earlier, and there's no way I can possibly spend three and a half hours usefully walking around Walmart and the mall. One, maybe two at most, but as stated before, I'd rather get back to the train station early. Although I have to think that if I did, the train would coincidentally end up being delayed, but not only is this something I've probably said before, such speculation will do me no good right now.

Towards more immediate matters though, Heart and Stroke, then a walk out to Charlie's Variety for one specific type of chocolate bar, then home from there to wash dishes. After that I have some cleaning up to take care of, which is about the only thing I didn't mention earlier, but I'm looking forward to the walking more than anything else. Today simply because it was the first time I took that route (out Queen to Indian Creek, then to Lacroix and home from there) while it was still light out, and I also finally got back to listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, after about a month of not using my PSP on the way to or home from work. I was right in the final chapters too, so it ended just before I got home. Kind of sad, because I didn't remember the ending from reading the books, but another memory I can't shake is that of one, where the beginning chapter talks about some kid sneaking through the rafters of a house and getting inside a room which the door to is always locked. Maybe that'll be in book 5, but I'll find out tomorrow. For now I'm going back to Spirit Tracks or something, and hoping for a decent afternoon tomorrow~

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