Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Inappropriate Feelings of Guilt

Oh, this does feel so wrong. Go back a couple weeks to that night I bought two game guides from somebody on eBay. During the course of our communication, they said they had made a mistake by sending out the Canadian guides instead of the US versions, and if I was willing to keep them, they'd give me a partial refund of ten dollars. At first I was set on waiting for the US guides, but thinking back now, there is to my knowledge no such thing as two different regional versions of the same guide. I know there can be more than one for the same game, such as how I have both Japanese and English Megaman Battle Network 5 and 6 guides, but that's a distinct difference, and almost every aspect of them is different. Still, I did not think it through so much that time, so I waited, and when the "Canadian" versions showed up, looked at the one not wrapped in plastic, and saw that it was no different than what I was expecting. From there I sent the seller a message saying I would keep those guides if it was alright with them, and indeed it was, but only tonight did I realize that in a certain sense, I am still entitled to that partial refund.

So I sent them a message saying as much, as well as apologizing for asking so late after the fact, and hopefully I wake up tomorrow to see a new email from Paypal about a refund. I know, I know, ten dollars isn't much when I plan on taking ten times that amount to London, but every little bit helps. By the same logic, however, I should now go about collecting the rest of the money that's still owed to me, as well as a few of my DS games, but I would really rather not get back into what would be required of me for such. That is something I've mentioned before, but it fits here too so I'll leave it in. Also while I'm still on the topic, I didn't make it out to Charlie's Variety today because I won't allow myself to buy anything with my debit card until the money I need for Thursday has been withdrawn. Mothers' Day will be covered either by the extra hundred I have saved up or my next pay, and whatever I have left between those two dates will be saved. Oh, and what's even more (although somewhat unrelated), Naomi has lost what I presume to have been her only source of regular income, leaving me rather stuck for what to do regarding her and the internet. I know Mom and Dad won't just let her sit around here for the entire day if it is permanent, but the timing right now is a bit tricky.

In other news, I checking Google Maps for grocery stores on and around Wellington Road in London earlier, and found a Food Basics that's only slightly out of my way, so I'll definitely have to check in there on Thursday. The only thing that bothers me about all this work I'm going to for Mom's gift(s) is how I can't think of anything similar to get Dad for Fathers' Day. There has to be some unusual object he'd make use of like those bags, but the only thing that comes to mind at the moment are those little "Postage Prepaid" rectangles you see on most business mail. I'm not sure why he keeps them, but even if I tried collecting those for him myself, I wouldn't accumulate enough to make it worthwhile. Well, I suppose there is just one other possibility. Back when I was really young and still had a paper route, I would always pick up washers (the round metal things - not the appliance you put your clothes in), screws, bolts and whatnot else I found along the way and give them to him at home, because I honestly thought he could use them. My biggest prize was a large bolt that must've come from a vehicle, but to find one just as large, of even larger, and to put a note on top of it inside the box saying "I thought you could use this..." would be perfect <3 A gift that more emphasizes him being my father, whereas "Dad" would come in on his birthday. Yeah. That's quite a good idea, as long as I can find something close to what I have in mind.

As for the rest of tonight, I might just go to bed early in preparation for tomorrow. Not before some last minute cleaning up (putting dishes out in the hallway), but at least this time I have less to worry about finishing than I did last night~

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