Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Third Time's Not a Charm

Maybe Mom will have to be content with two rolls of bags. Talking to the meat manager at Real Canadian Superstore led me to learn that the rolls cost $30 a piece, and there's no way I'm paying that much when I already have two on the table right beside me here. Maybe if they were the first place I went to, then I would be more willing to make that exchange, but for now I'll check in at Food Basics in London tomorrow, and if I can get one there, call Walmart and talk to somebody in the produce section about getting a roll from them as well, because I noticed a bunch today, but the only employee I could see was in the baked goods section, and I didn't think it would do any good to ask them. Even so, to make a conservative guess I'd say there are 500 bags in each of those rolls (more realistically I'd say 1,000, but that seems a bit high), making 1,000 total, which should last her at least a year. Then after that she can go back to taking extras if she likes. I'm only concerned with getting as many as possible before the 9th.

Still, that's not to say today was entirely bad. I did use the self checkout lanes both at Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart, which went fine aside from me talking to the machine when it told me to remove my scanned items from the counter, then didn't know where to get my ten dollar bill from <3 On a completely different subject, but still something that happened out there, Dollarama (I think that's the name) is one of the best places to go if I want comments on my tail and ears. Today was the first time I went there, even, and before going in, a woman and her son were walking towards the door as well, and I overheard them talking about my tail and ears. As I got closer to them, the lady said "He must be a mouse!", and I actually said out loud "A mouse?", so she corrected herself and said "Or maybe he's a cat...". Then we went into the store and I broke away from them off to find what I was after (a Mothers' Day card and a couple sausage sticks in the end <3), but not before hearing her say "Oh, he's a leopard!", then after we were out of sight of each other "A black leopard!". No ma'am, the proper species is "snow leopard". I'm not as fussy about that as I used to be, because it doesn't come up all that often anymore, but when it does, rest assured I will take offense if you get it wrong ;_;

Continuing on, another lady down in the aisle the cards were in said "That suits you" followed by "It really does!", and finally, after I'd paid for my purchases and was about to leave, one of the other cashiers and some girl she was talking to asked to see my tattoo. How did you even notice it? I know a tiny bit of the spot at the top can be seen when the back of my shirt hangs down properly, but outside of that, I'm mystified. I did indeed pull up my shirt though, causing them to ask "Why did you get it?", and my response was a piss poor "To fit with the whole tail and ears thing" and "It's something I'm into." had I more time to think it through I would've said "I've chosen to represent myself as a snow leopard. The tattoo is an extension of that" which does come across a little bit wrong too, but it's better than what I said there. Aside from that, the only other thing said was "Have a good day" by the cashier, and I left to walk home again. Well, home, but not before stopping at Taco Bell for another glass of water, and to give Melissa one of the packages of peanut butter cups I bought at Walmart, because they still have them on sale (just not up front), and I promised her one last time I was in there. Then further down the street some disheveled-looking lady was pushing a shopping cart along the sidewalk, and I ended up walking around her because she was going slowly, causing her to keep hollering something at me, louder and louder the further away I got, but I didn't care to go back and see what she was saying at that point.

Aside from that though, I think now is a good time to go take care of the other few things I have to do before tomorrow. The only important one is making some changes to the picture of Wellington Road I have on my PSP to show where the places I don't yet know the exact locations of are. No Frills in particular, and other than that, I also have to make up a list of things I'll be bringing. The only item I don't normally carry around with me is my backpack though, and that's already on my floor so I don't forget it. I'd be lying if I said was completely certain about tomorrow going well, but as of the night before, there's more to support that it will than won't. I'll just have to find out in about half a day~

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