Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What a Big Difference

Right from the start, I'd have to give today a 4 out of 10. It was fine right up until the last block before the train station, then I got into a bit of an altercation. The most important part is already mentioned over on my Twitter page, but for reference here, I went down the wrong street, onto a dead end road instead of the underpass that would lead to York, where a whole bunch of people were standing around carrying on. I continued walking through though, until some random girl ran up to me and asked if she could have my ears. I obviously said no several times, as she kept getting more and more insistent, then she actually reached up for them, so I grabbed her arm to turn it away, and was accused by one of the guys standing nearby of hitting his sister. Oh yeah. Such fun stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if my face is puffy and bruised tomorrow, but on the good side they only got off with $45, easily replaced with my next couple shifts, instead of my PSP or DS. They didn't seem too bright to begin with, but there's a lesson in this: when walking around an unfamiliar city, make sure you know your route down to the very side streets and dead end alleys you'll be passing by. It will most likely save you alot of trouble.

Didn't really do everything I wanted to either though, which leads to part of the low rank. Didn't go to Food Basics, passed up the chance to make a detour to No Frills, and mostly only did what I was planning to back in January when I bought the ticket. Mind you, that much was fun, although I should say White Oaks Mall has an incredibly confusing layout. I saw Tim Hortons shortly after walking in, but kept following the signs around to Dollarama, as I wanted to check if they had the same pepperoni sticks the one here in Chatham does. After that I had to walk around for another ten minutes just to find the food court again, but then things went more smoothly, and one of a small group of teenage girls told me I was "their hero". Indeed. Glad to know I am such an inspiration. Or something... As for all the walking around on a whole, true to how my time is here when I walk out to Michener on the way home from work, I can make it from Via Rail to White Oaks Mall in roughly an hour in London. I still made it back to the train station with an hour to spare, but that passed by quickly enough thanks to playing games on my DS. Didn't go to Tim Hortons though, or Subway when we got back to Chatham, because I was still upset about the aforementioned altercation for the former, and wasn't anywhere near hungry enough to go to the latter.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, calling TekSavvy may end up being my first order of business. I assumed the modem would have been ready for pickup earlier this week, but they either still haven't called, or I missed it when they did. Kind of annoying when Bell will be disconnecting us on Saturday, but then again, this could be one of the "unforeseen complications" the first email I received spoke of. We have to wait until at least Monday either way though, so perhaps they'll call then, and I'll be left looking a little foolish. Whatever the case, I just want to hear back from them soon, as they already have my money. It is all up to them now.

But before that, I need to go put my laundry in the dryer, then find something funny to watch so I can be in a more typical mood before going to bed. Everything else is done and taken care of, so those two tasks are all that are left~

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