Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Had it After All

I would've picked the hottest afternoon in recent history to call TekSavvy, then walk out there to pick up the modem. It turns out they did have it, but I wasn't notified for whatever reason, but the lady I spoke to on the phone confirmed that everything had already been paid for, so I could pick it up whenever I liked. Couldn't just go straight home after that either, so I ended up both at Charlie's Variety and Staples before finally arriving back at the house. At least I have the modem though, so now everything is up to them. Such is also the reason I'm writing this early tonight. There's no way to know when Bell will turn off our connection, so I might as well do the things having an internet connection requires while it's still the 30th. Although aside from this, there was only one more, being enabling Gmail's Vacation Responder. Just in case any of the people I'm commissioning right now try to contact me over the weekend. That's almost certainly exactly how it'll go too.

More immediately, I'm considering heading out to Subway to get some supper once I finish here, but only if I wake up some. Went to bed around 3 or 4 because there was nothing else I wanted to do and woke up at 12, which is just where I was after coming home from Brantford. My face doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, and really you wouldn't see anything to look at me, but my nose feels bruised, which I have to think is to be expected. That whole thing is kind of funny to look at objectively now (ultimately it was my fault for not stopping to double-check where I was going when I noticed the dead-end sign), but yeah. Dumb kids, leading to some thoughts that next time I go there, if and when, it'll be to the mall on the northern side of the city, so I can stay away from the downtown area a bit more. Oh, and on one last loosely-related note, as I noticed the first time I went there for the furmeet, there's a much longer delay between the street crossing signs changing from "Stop" to "Walk" than there is here. Almost a good minute, it seemed.

There isn't much to say otherwise though. Just thinking about what I can do later tonight, and two of my most likely options are either starting into a new Doom WAD (I downloaded a bunch of custom ones), or trying to figure out where to go in Ocarina of Time. I started playing it about a week ago, and my most recent accomplishment was clearing the Forest Temple, but now I can't figure out what to do, because all Navi says is to investigate Death Mountain, but if I go up there the only open path leads into the crater, where you have a ~60 second time limit if you're not wearing the Fire Tunic. I used to know literally everything about the game a long time ago, to the point where I'd beat the final boss every time I stayed the night at Josh's house, but now I'm a bit helpless, and am actually considering using the old tattered guide I have for it as help. Hopefully not, but we'll see.

Anyways, it's about 10:30 now, which is late enough, so I should be off. Would be nice to come home to at least one commission-related email so I have something new to look at until next week, but probably not, so I'll just have those things mentioned above to waste time with. Then when the internet does get connected, I'll go unhook Bell's modem and put the one I bought in its place, but that won't be for at least a couple hours yet. Have to go get supper first, at very least~

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