Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This is a Day Early

Can't let myself do this tonight. As with so many other times before, I want to leave all my typical end-of-the-night stuff 'till tomorrow afternoon so I can go straight to bed, but, same as I've told Adam and Naomi several times now, while the internet may be working at the moment, there's no guarantee it will be tomorrow, because that's when it was supposed to be activated. Not that I'm complaining, because it was certainly a nice surprise to type my username and password at the computer downstairs, and seeing it connect. Although getting the wireless to work was slightly more a bother, but only because I made a wrong choice when setting up the modem, and had to go back through the configuration process again to fix it. That would also explain why there were three access points for our house alone ("Thomson", "[]", and ":3"), but the problem has been fixed since then.

Technically I should block Naomi's laptops though, as she hasn't given me a penny yet. However, waiting a couple days then unchecking the appropriate boxes seems fair, because I've told her I need it at least twice now. Even if she gives me only $30 to start, because at the moment, I don't even have enough money to spare to get some snacks from 7-11. Mothers' Day coming up, plus the thought of this week's pay not being very good because I just had a week off, along with certain other beginning of the month fees are really going to add up. I may still go there tomorrow after work if I can dredge up the desire, but probably not, because I was already going to twice this past weekend, and decided to stay at home. To be fair that decision was likely influenced at least partially by the humidity, but it seems to have dissipated some as of earlier tonight, so things may go differently. Moreso considering I close with Mary, but it's only the first of three nights I'm on 8-close with her this week, so I might as well get used to the idea now.

There isn't much else to note about recent events though. I did absolutely nothing in Ocarina of Time yesterday, and just picked it up before leaving for work this afternoon, for long enough to clear the Ice Cavern, then I went through the Water Temple when I got home. Still can't figure out how I'm supposed to get into the Fire Temple, which is especially infuriating when I can turn back into young Link, go over to the Gorons' shop, and see the Fire Tunic there for 200 rupees, only to be told "You can't buy this right now". Why not? I have the money, and I can't see anything I'm missing that would otherwise prevent me from advancing further into Death Mountain's crater. Maybe I should go back to Dodongo's Cavern though. The more I think about it, the more plausible it seems that there'd be an entrance to the Fire Temple from there, and even if not, that dungeon contains at least one gold skultulla I'll eventually need. Not tonight though. I like the idea of looking into that tomorrow afternoon.

As for right now, I'm off to sleep, and might even sleep in a bit tomorrow. Couldn't today, what with having to be up at 2:30 and not completely nodding off thanks to the humidity, but that might change now. And not that there's a good chance of it, but maybe something will happen with any of the people I'm commissioning. Still nothing to note, even after the almost two days I wasn't able to check on my emails. Oh well. Zelda is just barely starting to become more rewarding than those at the moment, and there's plenty I can do in it, even without advancing further through the storyline~

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