Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Should Use Multiple Alarms

I suppose I should still be thankful for waking up at a relatively normal time. Went to bed last night with my alarm set for 1, ready to wake me up for Heart and Stroke, but then sometime while I was asleep my laptop came unplugged, so it never went off, and I woke up at 1:55 instead. It works out though, because before it had turned off, I did notice she'd sent me an email, detailing how she only needs me to run a receipt report today, so she'd see me for just a half hour instead. If said report is what I'm thinking, it'll take all of five minutes, ten if she wants the rest done as well, but that works <3 She also told me to take next week off too because she's on vacation, so I might use the opportunity to point out how she said I'd be given such as well for the rest of the year after the receipting was done. Not flat out direct, but something like "Well if you're going on vacation, I wouldn't mind it too...". At least this works today, because I don't have to work at all, so I have the rest of the afternoon and evening to play Ocarina of Time and do whatever else catches my interest.

Closing with Mary last night went pretty well, because we both stayed out of each other's way again and got all our stuff done by the end of the night, but that still doesn't mean I'm looking forward to seeing her the other three shifts I work this week. The good thing is after Saturday, I close with Manoah once, with Steve a couple times, and then next weekend have three closing shifts in a row with George as the only manager. They must think he's ready to work a full shift on his own, so hopefully they're no different than any other shifts with him lately have been. What's more, he also still needs to give me this list of music he wants me to download again for him, but apparently it's still at home because he's started downloading stuff from it himself. Kind of a funny thing about the internet being switched over now, really. Even though we, in theory, don't have a bandwidth cap anymore, I can't bring myself to let everything in uTorrent begin downloading all at once. I do have three torrents going that will take up close to 100GB on their own, but they won't be done for at least a month. For the biggest one, anyways. Despite that though, the speed seems to be the same, and I've nothing else to mention aside from how we've magically jumped IPs from 64.231.[...] (with Bell), to 69.[...] (with TekSavvy at first), to 75.119.[...], which it's still at now. Just a curiosity.

As for what I was saying about extracting payment from Naomi, she seemed kind of distraught when I told her I absolutely had to have $30 by the end of the week. I'm not content to wait forever for her money, but maybe I'll change what I said yesterday to "end of the month" instead of "week". That's much more reasonable, and my money is only tight right now because it's the first of the month, and most of my pay will be going to Mom and Dad. It will very shortly be time for me to take off for Heart and Stroke though, so I can't worry about that much more. Might end up having to take a walk over to the mall after that as well to check if they have any gift bags, but I'll get to how that went later. For now I have a short walk to take and a single report to run. Should be a quick afternoon~

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