Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

~6,000 Packets of Salt = One Modem

The return label for our modem from Bell arrived today, but without any box to pack everything up in. I was, however, able to get a salt box from work, and crossed out the most obvious labeling on it, but it's fun to imagine how they'll react when they see it. The modem and the cables for it are wrapped up quite securely, and padded with some of the bubble wrap I've had under my bed for ages now, so that part shouldn't be a concern, but I find myself thinking they expect people to return them in boxes purchased from the post office. Not going to happen though, because I only have to go there before work tomorrow night to drop it off, and to get a stamp / signature as proof that it was sent back out. Along the same general lines, I also received an email from TekSavvy just a little while ago about scheduled maintenance going on tomorrow and Thursday. Nice to be notified about that stuff, although hearing Gmail Notifier's sound got my hopes up that it'd be one of the people I'm commissioning finally getting back to me. No such luck though, but I imagine if nothing else, end-of-the-year school stuff would be their only concern right now. An email to that effect would be nice, but that wouldn't help the one who hasn't gotten back to me since March 24th, so whatever. They've seemed much less important ever since the switch over to TekSavvy went through anyways.

On the better side of things, not counting expenses that don't come to mind, I should have ~$1,300 on Thursday, instead of the even thousand I was expecting. Mind you, I shouldn't be too happy because getting paid so much this week means my next one will suck, but at least for that I only have to worry about giving Mom gas money. Since I have the extra this week though, I'm back to considering a certain idea for dessert on Mothers' Day. While ordering some at Kelseys would be nice, I have the money, and, I believe, the means to make another one of those cakes with Skor bits and caramel syrup and all that other goodness such as I did before. I'll definitely have to check with Dad to see if he has any other plans tomorrow though, because if I do go through with that, I'll have to get everything from Giant Tiger on Thursday, and make the cake when I get home from work Saturday (technically Sunday) morning. Oh, and I think I need to look for tissue paper at either Dollarama or Walmart when we go grocery shopping this week. That and a gift bag, because I'd rather not use Christmas wrapping paper, nor crumple up newspaper to fill up the empty space in that box I brought home for Mom's gift. In fact, I'm quite certain Walmart has some, but Dollarama's could be cheaper, and I definitely want more pepperoni sticks from there anyways <3

I might have even gone out there tonight, but walking out to work was pretty much a spur-of-the-moment idea to begin with. The rest of my evening off was largely spent playing Ocarina of Time, but I did get plenty done. At the moment, all I have left is Ganon's Castle, but would like to finish all the other side quests first. Collecting gold skulltula tokens, completing the trading sequence to get Biggoron's Sword, collecting all the pieces of heart, and so on. Heck, I'm almost done the game and I don't have the other two spells (Nayru's Love is one, and I can't remember the same of the other), but I'd rather find them on my own instead of having to consult a guide. Something which I did have to do in regards to changing the Z-targeting method. How I missed the options menu at the file selection screen is beyond me, but even though it's a bit late now, "Hold" is much better than "Fixed" <3 As for Heart and Stroke earlier, almost a complete waste of time. Michele could've just as easily said "Call me when you get this email" and I'd have walked her through the process of printing the report, but no, I went in there anyways, sat down at her computer for less than five minutes, and was on my way home again. At least I have next week off, and the way she explained that makes it sound like there's a chance of that continuing until all the remaining kits have come in. Here's hoping, and on one final note for that, I forgot to ask her about Tryphena. Meh. I'm sure it won't be too long before I can ask her at work and find out how things went.

As for the rest of tonight, the sun is coming up already, so I'm off to bed right now. Nothing to do tomorrow aside from going to the post office then work so I'll try to sleep in, but of course that depends on the weather. Right now there's supposed to be a thunderstorm during the afternoon, but today was the same way until about the point where it should've started raining, so I don't think there's much chance. Here's hoping I am proved wrong~

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