Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Second Try is Only Fair

It's definitely worth saying that even though I probably won't see this idea through, I do really like the thought of it. On the next schedule at work, for the week after this one, I have Wednesday and Thursday or Thursday and Friday off. Can't remember which. Anyways, I was thinking tonight about what I could do with those days. Definitely go to 7-11, but not much else yet. Then the thought hit me that hey, I could go to London again, to get what I was hoping for last week out of the trip. I know what to look out for now, and that it takes me about an hour to get to the mall or walk back to the train station from there, and those two things are really all I need. Plus it'd be fun to run into those guys again and ask "Would you do me a favor and punch the other side of my nose this time?" It's kind of weird right now, in that the cartilage in between my / the nostrils sticks out to one side now and won't go back no matter how hard I push it. Nothing serious, but for the first time ever I put moisturizer on the inside of my nose last night because it was so dry from sticking my finger into it so many times ;_;

But yeah. I like that idea, but it probably won't happen. First of all I have enough stuff coming up already that money will be going towards, and if I bought a ticket, which would be close to $50 looking on the site, and took just $50 there, I'd be back to where I was before this pay for how much I had. Can't afford that, but instead of the "I'm never doing that again" attitude I had last Thursday upon coming home, I now would quite like to make those plans a second time before the end of the summer <3 What I said about going out to the other end of the city still applies, mind you, but I don't want to do that quite so soon anymore, because I need to become sufficiently familiar with Wellington Road first. It's one thing driving along there, as we used to do all the time on our way to the hospital, but walking is a different matter entirely, because you have more time to notice everything around you, and the feeling of actually being in the city is much stronger than that of just passing through. I'll get there though. Probably once we get our vacation pay, because then it can be on the same date I was looking into going there for the BBQ last year. Different plans, but the same sort of idea.

I do have a different, more urgent concern, however, and once again I find myself wondering what caused this to happen. As I was getting ready to leave for work earlier tonight, I went into the kitchen to tell Dad I had a question for him in private, so I could ask about making that special cake for Mothers' Day. Before I was able to say even a word to him though, Mom asked "Remember that cake you made a while ago that had cool whip and caramel syrup and chocolate pieces on top? You should make it again" or something to that effect. Yes, Mom, I was almost certainly planning to, but now when I do you'll think it's because you asked instead of for a surprise. I will still take some care to hide it, and make sure I clean up everything related to baking it, but that's a not-so-funny coincidence. Then I also ran into them at Shoppers when I went in to drop off our modem. A little bit more funny there, because I simply walked up behind them, said "Well well", and continued on to the back corner, but yeah. Curious how those things happen.

So for tomorrow, my plans in their entirety are to go grocery shopping, hopefully an hour or two early, get pepperoni sticks, a gift bag, and tissue paper from Dollarama and / or Walmart, hopefully stop at Taco Bell on the way home and talk to Melissa about something Mary said tonight (in short, memorizing orders and clearing them from the boards as soon as possible is considered falsifying the times), stop at the house for just long enough to drop my purchases off, then continue on to Giant Tiger for cake making stuff, and 7-11 for candies. Towards the last one, I have enough change in my wallet to afford at least three dollars worth, and that's what I normally get, so it won't be like I'm spending money from my bank account. In fact, Naomi gave me $20 of the $60 she owes me thus far today, and as I had $10 remaining from giving Mom and Dad their money yesterday, I should have enough to get all the ingredients for that cake without using my debit card as well.

Plenty to do altogether, and since I want to start off by getting groceries early, I'll call it a night right now. Right after setting my alarm and repositioning the fan, of course~

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