Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Finally Understand "Unlimited"

The concept of not having a bandwidth cap has, up to this point, eluded me. Ever since the internet was switched over, I've been frustrated with uTorrent because I had two seasons of different TV shows downloading, but they almost always seemed to be going so slowly. As such, I thought at first that it would take me forever to download everything I had queued up (close to 138GB of stuff ;_;), but shortly after that realized the only limiting factor in how much I can download is hard drive space. So that was followed by two too many hours of looking for ways to speed up uTorrent, before I realized the slow speeds were in fact due to the torrents themselves, because I'd downloaded a ~2GB ISO just earlier in the afternoon in about an hour and a half. What I'm eventually going to get to here is that the recommended settings really do work the best, because since I reconfigured them, three of the torrents have almost constantly been downloading at above 100kB/s, and the rest show much better ETAs of one to three days. Except for one which is at 30 weeks right now, but it's fairly large to begin with <3

As for what I'm downloading? The three I am most looking forward to right now have to do with Iron Chef ^^; I caught maybe a couple hours at most of that show at MFF a couple years ago, and immediately after getting home, found a torrent for Season 1 of the American version, but started watching them only a couple months ago. The only thing I don't like is how Wikipedia says there are eight seasons, but I can only find torrents for the first two, and the "Battle of the Masters" mini-series, I'm going to call it, which should be done in about five minutes. Although as I recall, the same thing was true of Home Improvement, and I was obviously able to get all of them in the end. And there are individual episode torrents for the later seasons too, which I could download if desired, but I'd rather get them all at once, because that seems to ensure consistent quality. Mind you if this keeps up for much longer my next major purchase will be yet another external drive, but that won't be for a while to come. Oh, and on more or less the same topic, I need to get some recordable DVDs soon. I thought I still had some, but the only blank discs in my closet are CDs. Meh. I really only want one to try Windows 7.

Continuing on to other matters now, today went mostly as planned. We didn't leave to get groceries early, because I was busy hunting down the last few Gold Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time, but we did anyways, and I got the things I was after at Dollarama. A gift bag, white tissue paper with sparkly things in it, ten pepperoni sticks, and two chocolate bars, all for less than ten dollars <3 Pity that place is so far away from the house, but thinking again, the distance is also good, because I ate all ten of those pepperoni sticks tonight :x Plus four of McDonalds' mini sandwiches, those chocolate bars, and several other things, so I'll definitely notice the consequences in about a week. I hope having walked all the way home would help a bit, but I can't over-eat and count on stuff like that to even things out. Anyways, I got what I wanted there, stopped at McDonalds on the way home as well, got a garbage bag from Taco Bell to hide the gift bag in, and picked up everything I needed at Giant Tiger as well, with the addition of some gum and a few other snacks for myself. The only downside is most of the stuff to make the cake is tucked away in a bag in the freezer right now, and while I told Mom it was something for work (mostly the truth, because I'll probably take the chocolate bars there to break them up so as to not make noise here and tip Mom off), I can see her getting curious and looking anyways.

I'll worry about that in a couple days though, because for now all I want to do is get ready for bed. It is a bit early yet, but I'll find something to do. No more Ocarina of Time yet though, because I've seen enough of it the past couple days. I think transferring those completed torrents is a good enough place to start~

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