Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Last Minute Productivity is Awesome

Any number of things to be concerned with today. Mostly having stuff to do for tomorrow, that I plan to take care of as soon as I finish here. I've been thinking about how to give Mom her gift, and realized it might seem a bit silly to bring everything in the gift bag to Kelsey's with us, but even though we won't be eating dessert there, I still like the idea of hiding my stuff in the trunk when I get home from work tonight, then just as we're finishing up and waiting for the bill tomorrow, ask Dad for the keys to the car, and go out to the trunk <3 Giving it / them to her at home just wouldn't be the same. Oh, and on that note, I have some more help to pay for supper tomorrow now. Originally Adam and I were just going to split the cost, but before I left for work yesterday, Dad gave me a $50 gift card for Kelsey's and the other restaurants in that chain, which somebody at his work apparently gave him. So that'll definitely help, but as I thought to myself just now, there's no guarantee the card will work, so we'll have to be prepared to pay the full price just in case. I am, at any rate. Adam is more uncertain, because he's still getting money orders made out to Trish for large sums, so I hope this leeching, as it is in a way, hasn't taken all his money.

Speaking of which, Naomi gave me another ten dollars this afternoon, so that leaves her owing me only $30 more right now. It's actually really nice to have this extra cash, because now I can go buy snacks without having to use my debit card <3 7-11 was indeed where I went last night (both, too), and next will be Tim Hortons, probably on Thursday or Friday since I have both of them off. Or Tuesday, since Michele's on vacation and I'm not needed at Heart and Stroke, but that brings up another problem. To my knowledge, Tryphena has not yet been contacted about volunteering, and as a result is getting to the point where it's easier to say "Nevermind". I ended up working with her for a few hours yesterday, and said I'd check the schedule and let Michele know when she didn't work so they could talk to each other on the phone and work things out, but with Michele going on vacation that obviously isn't possible, and I feel bad because I'm the one who said "Yeah, sure, I'll let her know you're interested" in the first place. Although now might be a good time to all but step back and let them work it out. If she was that serious about it, Tryphena could have easily looked up the phone number or gone to the office by now.

In other news, I think I might just finish this and go straight to getting Mom's stuff ready. No more will to play Ocarina of Time today as yesterday afternoon, mostly because I only have a few annoying side quests left. Catching all the Big Poes, finding the green magic spell getting the bomb bag upgrade from the rolling Goron, and so on. I did collect all the remaining heart pieces last night, and completed the Biggoron's Sword trading sequence, but now I want to just skip straight ahead to Ganon's Castle so I can beat the game and move onto Majora's Mask. Preparations for tomorrow come first though. I do hope I have enough tissue paper~

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