Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Should've Gone to Steve First

Earlier this afternoon, about the same time I decided to write my previous entry, I sent an email to Steve (Heart and Stroke Steve) about Tryphena, referring to her only as a coworker, asking him who was in charge of volunteer coordination with Michele on vacation. The reply he sent says he's been since June 2009, apparently, but I know nothing of that. There's also a bit about how Michele keeps track of the office volunteers, but I guess she isn't responsible for the rest of them. Makes no difference to me, so whatever. Moving on though, he said that she would have to contact him directly, and that he would "work hard to make it up to them, my friend". Dear Steve: we don't know each other quite that well, thanks. The most conversation we've ever had is a quick "Hi" followed by him watching me work over my shoulder while waiting for the printer. Yeah. So I'll either let Tryphena know tonight, after I finish this, or tomorrow, because at the moment all I want to do is stretch out then curl up under the covers <3

It's been a pretty long night already, with work that was fairly busy and dishes that took me until 4am to finish washing, but now I have another day off and some new plans already to go to Giant Tiger right after I wake up and jump in the shower (or perhaps before), for one each of the three varieties of large chocolate bars they have. Plain milk chocolate, milk chocolate with nuts (almonds in all likelihood), and dark chocolate, of which I bought one of the latter last time I was there, but chopped up most of it to sprinkle over the cake I made just an hour or so ago. At first I wanted to put chocolate around the edge, and spell out "Mom" in the middle with pieces of Skor, but I didn't have enough space, so there's still a ring around the edge, but the center just has Skor chunks in it. And the whole cake is downstairs in the basement fridge at the moment, and will remain there until just before we leave tomorrow, when I will move it up to the kitchen fridge, as I wrote in her card that she should hurry home and look in the fridge, because there "just might be something else there". Other than that I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, because this will be the first year that I got her a gift, and making cake is new as well, at least for me.

As with before though, being done early sounds good right now, but for tomorrow I have something of interest related to my commissions. As well as a bit of pedantry about the same thing if I can get into it. Otherwise, bed, closely followed by the date I've been waiting just over a month for now~

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