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Who Needs Plain Chocolate?

I knew that cake would be somewhat popular, but unless there's a piece or two left on one of the bagged plates in the fridge, it's gone already. Although assuming the whole thing is gone, that would be a good representation of how the whole day went. I put in this certain amount of effort beforehand to make sure things are all set, then the day comes and everything is said and done in less time than the preparations took. It was a nice night altogether though, with exception for Adam throwing crayons until I told him he could pay for his own meal unless he stopped. Naomi was a bit annoying too in trying to horn her way into helping open Mom's gift and having her hand on the fridge to open it before I told her I wanted Mom to. Otherwise, making dessert at home saved me ~$30, because the bill was less than $100, and with that gift card plus the tip, the whole meal cost me and Adam $35 each, although he hasn't yet given me his share. Mom was pretty surprised with the rolls of bags (she had a look of disbelief on her face upon first realizing what they were), and was quite excited to see the cake in the fridge when we got home. Overall a fun night, as I already said, and now, while still a little early, is as good a time as any to start coming up with ideas for Fathers' Day. All I know is I'd like to take him out to either Boston Pizza or Swiss Chalet. Probably the former, because we don't go there very often.

Unfortunately, I have other things to worry about first, and right at the beginning of the list is work. I expect it to be a normal Monday night, possibly a bit better because I'm looking forward to chatting with Manoah and seeing what he's been up to (as well as telling him to make sure Tryphena gets back to Steve, just in case). I'm also eager to see if they've found the scissors yet. I hid them behind some labels on one of the shelves in the middle on Saturday night, just to give Orlando a hard time, but thanks to all the dishes needing to be washed once we closed, I completely forgot to put them back, and unless the people working yesterday performed a more thorough search than he and Mary did on Saturday, they still have nothing but their knives to open bags with. Obviously not the most responsible thing I've ever done, but nobody there even knows I hid them, and I'm not about to say anything <3 Also on the topic of work though, I have a couple more bits of interest from Saturday night to mention.

Number one, for the guy in drive through who kept saying "Thanks dog", stop it. I am not a dog, and even though don't like them any more, "Bud" or "Sir" would be far preferable. Secondly, for Sheila, stop using this lame "I'm only human. I make mistakes" excuse. That may be, but as you're the AGM I'd think you could take a little more responsibility for things you do wrong. Finally, while I was waiting for my shift to start, I happened to notice two young girls sitting with their mother staring at me, and I could make out the word "tail" among other things from their whispering. Eventually one of the girls and her mother got up to use the bathroom, and on the way past she asked "My girls want to know if your tail is real". I said yes at the time, then immediately started thinking about whether or not I'd lied to them, but in any sense or context, no, I haven't. My tail is quite real, and you can touch it if you'd like some physical proof. Now, if you had instead asked me "Are you a real snow leopard?" I'd likely have still said yes, but then thought to myself "Not really. I'm closer than anybody else and it's the best answer to give though." They kept staring at me after returning from the bathroom too, so I eventually turned my PSP off and got up to talk with everybody who was working until my shift started. Please don't stare when I can see you doing it ;_; Oh, and finally, some guy came in lying about not getting part of his order. Normally that wouldn't be anything of significance, but I don't think I've ever had it happen while I was on drive through before. Try it on other people all you like, but not on me.

Finally for today, the commission stuff my previous entry ended with. It's actually a dual-purpose picture, because I haven't posted a screenshot of my desktop in a while, but it can be seen here. The bigger version will be uploaded when I get home from work, because there's one addition I need to make to it, and I also still have to leave feedback for the artist. I'll have plenty of time though, because I beat Ocarina of Time last night, and that's about all I would've done. Well, I haven't completely beaten it, because there are still those minor things to finish (catching the Hylian Loach, getting the bomb bag upgrade as a kid, and getting a cow in Link's "house"), but most of the game has been finished. And the ending wasn't quite as I remembered it either. I'll admit a single tear rolled down my face when Navi flew out the Temple of Time's window, but yeah. Awesome game, even if it is old, and now I have a file that's mostly done again so I can go back, beat it, and watch the ending once more any time I wish <3 Majora's Mask is next, as noted before, but for now I have work to worry about, which will require enough preparation tonight to begin with~

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