Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Lengths I Go To

Upon getting to work last night, I noticed George was there, so immediately after changing I asked him about the list of music he wants me to download. He still didn't have it, of course, but gave me one band to download everything I could find for, which I did straight away upon getting home. 2.3GB in two hours, which I immediately set about retagging in MP3Tag, because I have that kind of time and figured he would appreciate it. Only after getting through the first half or so did I remember he mentioned wanting all the music to put on CDs, and ID3 tags aren't going to help at all then, except maybe for organizing them properly in whatever burning program he uses. Plus playlists too, and I also tidied up the folder structure a bit so the albums with more than one disc were contained in their own folders, with the separate CDs being named "Disc 1" and "Disc 2". Yeah. So now I'm just waiting until 4, because that's when he starts today, and also hope to get a ride out there because it's raining, and the only pieces of electronics that have ever gone outside with me in this weather are my PSP and camera. It is quite awesome out though, especially for going to bed just as it was starting, and every time I woke up after that, still hearing the sound of rain falling outside. There was even a single clap of thunder earlier, but nothing of the sort since then, so I just hope these dismal conditions will remain throughout the evening <3

Definitely nice having an extra hour to sleep in as well, but it really didn't make a big difference in the end. As noted above, I woke up several times before I finally got up and out of bed, and on each of those occasions, I'd open my laptop and check all my torrents to change the priorities for them as needed. That is, I'm trying to download all of them in sequence, so I set all the files' priority to normal to begin with, but then the first 5 or so to high, then wait until they're done downloading, and mark the next five as being most important, and so on. Although the only series I'm watching right now is on a 2-season delay (I'm watching season 2, but have almost finished downloading season 4), but if nothing else I'll always have something new to continue with if everything else runs out <3 Oh, and finally on this note, since I haven't bothered to close / uninstall it yet, I have, according to NetWorx, downloaded 107GB this month, with an overall output (upload and download) of 135. Indeed. I was starting to think last week that going for the unlimited plan right away may have been unnecessary, but now I'm glad to be paying the extra $10 so I don't have to worry about that ^^;

Unfortunately, I do have a bit of other worry, being that I now have $30 less than I hoped to keep in my account until our next pay. True to the several other times he's asked before, Manoah wanted to know if he could borrow $80 last night, and I agreed. It is, of course, not a huge deal because I'm confident he'll pay me back sometime next week, but suddenly having less money for my coming days off isn't fun. Then again, my plans aren't all that special anyways. If it was the 23rd already I'd consider going up to EB Games to see about getting Super Mario Galaxy 2, but as it won't be out for another couple Sundays yet, I can't. In the same way, if Walmart or Real Canadian Superstore had anything of interest I'd probably go out there, but they don't either. I still need recordable DVDs though, so maybe I'll make a trip up to Staples, then to Tim Hortons and / or Charlie's Variety from there. Or Quiznos, because just recently I've been thinking about how we went there for Naomi's birthday last year and the food was good, but we'll see, as it all depends on the day. If anything like this afternoon has been going, then yes, definitely <3

Anyways, if I don't hurry up I'm going to lose my chance to run out to Taco Bell, so there is but one thing left to mention. My reference sheet since it has finally been uploaded. All of the relevant details are contained in the picture's description, so I'll just end this here and get ready to head out. I hope George remembers too~

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