Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Not the Weather

As much as I'd actually like to accept Sheila's reasoning in this case, I just can't. She and I worked together for a bit earlier today, and apparently she thinks the reason everybody is tired recently is because of the weather. Possibly, but if there's anything I don't like about the past couple days, it's that I didn't go out at all on Tuesday. George forgot his memory stick, and I didn't quite want to get anything from 7-11, so I washed the dishes, did my laundry, and started playing through Banjo-Kazooie again. Then today I went to work and had an awful scowl on my face from the time I got there to a couple hours after I started working. Something I haven't been able to determine happened or was done yesterday afternoon to put me in an extremely hostile mood, and I still felt the same way upon waking up today. In the case of the latter, more because there was no cereal so I ate peanut butter cups for breakfast and left for work shortly after that, but I'm not so sure about the day before. The only plausible thing is George not being prepared to get that music, but we settled that tonight with him bringing his camera's memory card and giving me a ride home. Although on that note I have to say he's quite forward. I couldn't get the memory stick to work at first, so I asked if he'd mind waiting a little longer, then took it upstairs to fiddle around. Maybe five minutes into copying the files I hear somebody walking down the hallway, followed by quiet knocking on my door, and he walks right in saying "I got bored waiting downstairs" then sat on my bed behind me and watched the copying progress.

It's not a huge deal in the sense that I had his memory stick so he had some right to come see how things were going, but knocking first then asking "Can I come in?" would've been a little more polite. I don't see him (or anybody else, in fact) for the next two days though, so the break will be appreciated. Necessary too because I have another close with Sheila coming up next week, which is something I'm considering discussing with Melissa. If she chooses to put me on closes with Sheila, then fine, I'll work them, but otherwise, rotate the staff so it isn't only me. From the angle that I'm a reliable closer and she requests me for such, that's nice, but I'm not some commodity that you can select at whim whenever the circumstances require it, and as for why I don't like closing with her, just what I've said before. At least I can look forward to more days off after that though, or so I think. Then towards tonight, it was alright. Long because I started early in the afternoon, but also, going back to the first paragraph, I went there feeling as if I would physically attack somebody if they irritated me, but by the end of the night was smiling and couldn't stop laughing / joking about some certain things. I like these days for seeing just how angry / stressed out I can get, but it's also a good thing they don't happen very often <3

As for tomorrow, rain or no rain I'm at least going to Tim Hortons, and any other places depend on how long I sleep. No alarm clock, no uTorrent checking, no quickly waking up to look for new emails, just sleep and hopefully something moderately healthy for breakfast instead of the two chocolate bars I have left over from 7-11. I'll definitely get back to Banjo-Kazooie too, as I stopped out of frustration with racing Boggy for the second time and can't leave it for longer than a day, or I won't remember what I've done when I pick it back up again. I know I actually said I'd start Majora's Mask after finishing Ocarina of Time, but I've always disliked how long it takes for that game to really get going, so not yet. My most important task right now though is to coax this one remaining piece of a file to finish downloading, so I'm switching over to uTorrent now, and will get back to everything else tomorrow~

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