Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Always Stuck in the Middle

This almost seems intentional. Out of curiosity right now, I logged into Money Mart's Visa site to check my balance, and found it lower than before. $15 lower, to be exact, so evidently that change I requested was never completely put through, so I'm paying the flat fee monthly, but also incur a $2 charge any time I go to one of the stores to put money on the card. I think if it wasn't for the fact that I need it to pay for the internet, I'd go there, give them $10, and say "I don't need this anymore", but then it's also useful to have in case I should want to buy anything else from Amazon (for example, if I feel really lazy and don't want to walk out to EB Games when Super Mario Galaxy 2 is released), and I think having a credit card attached to Paypal is actually necessary for instant transfers. No wonder Adam said he didn't have that in his. Oh well. I'll keep the card, but only as long as something changes. I sent them a message to that effect for now though (as much as could be said in 250 characters, that is), and their response will determine whether or not I leave for work early on Saturday so I can go there first.

I sort of like the thought of just taking care of that tomorrow, as I also want to get DVDs from Walmart and visit another store out that way, but I'm quite certain that can wait until next week. Have no use for DVDs straight away, as I'd be installing Windows 7 on this laptop and can't do that when my torrents haven't finished downloading, and don't exactly have the money to spend anywhere else until next week either. Well, I do have enough cash for more snacks, but had enough in the past two nights. Or I could scrape $8 together and go out to Subway, but that would fall under the category of going out to get something, and I don't want to do that until I have DVDs and other inedible stuffs. And now for one other somewhat new thing related to money, earlier this afternoon Mom brought it to my attention that her name, along with Dad's, was still on my checking account. Apparently she got a call from the bank and it came up there, but at least this time it hasn't been touched. She just said she doesn't have that kind of money and thus assumed it was mine, so in the near future we're all going to have to go there some afternoon for a second try at getting their names taken off. Just like with Money Mart, I'm no longer getting account statements addressed to all three of us, but evidently that's only half the problem.

As for my actual plans tomorrow now that what I was thinking of before won't be happening, I'm not sure aside from a little more work in Banjo-Kazooie. Have to hunt through all of Click Clock Wood for the last four notes, so I might as well completely exit the world and start over again. Annoying, but the same thing happened last time I played through the game, and sure enough I found them the second time without any trouble. Kind of sad that all I have in mind is playing a game, but it'll do for now. Besides, I'll be sleeping in for sure as well, and that's easily what I'm looking forward to most of all~

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