Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Both Nostalgia and Confusion

I had the unique experience of having both an exciting dream, and another one that left me a bit confused last night. The exciting one started with me being back in high school, or rather the building, and not actually being there as a student. I can't remember why I was there, but the first thing that caught my eye was how the walls (on the inside) were made out of wood instead of brick. There was a feeling as if some crew had been hired to renovate the entire building after it closed, only to be reopened again afterwards for the same purpose as before, and I was just there looking around at what had changed. After a short while I noticed the principal walking down to the first floor (I was on the second), so I followed him, up to the landing on the stairs between the two floors. The stairs past that point were extremely shallow, and even jagged / triangle-shaped in places (instead of there being a whole rectangular step, there was a triangular piece instead), so I stepped down the few I could get onto, then even though I was still sort of high up, jumped down the rest with no problems. Once at the bottom, I made my way out into that hallway, up to where the principal was standing, motioning over to his left, where the stairs up to the foyer were the actual building. Instead of stairs though, there was a gym, sealed off by clear plastic windows so you could look inside and see what was going on.

Unfortunately, I saw nothing more than a few seconds of a couple students practicing basketball, and then the dream more or less ended. I think I looked over to the library as well to see what was in there, but can't remember it going any further than that. The only thing I haven't said yet is, as with other dreams, the feeling of belonging. It wasn't like you'd expect with going back to your old school in real life, and feeling quite like an outsider, but instead like the few people I saw knew who I was, and why I was there, and fully encouraged / endorsed it. Now as for the second one, it was far more odd, and left me wondering what caused it several minutes after I woke up. It involved a group of researchers testing one of these devices on a dummy. Except you would have to replace "or" in the filename with "an" for it to be completely proper. The strange thing about it though was how they had a crowd watching. Despite it seeming like a fairly understandable thing to do otherwise for the sake of history, they had a bunch of spectators looking on, cheering wildly and generally being much too excitable. I remember one of the researchers showing me how the dummy was designed to approximate a human body as closely as possible, and I watched as they... "began the procedure" shall we say. Then my view cut back to the crowd again, who were still cheering madly and seeming really out of place, then back to the dummy again, who had somehow changed to a living person, with an expression of extreme worry and terror on his face. That fact didn't change anything though, because I remember seeing the crowd one more time, then deciding it was a good time to wake up, so I did and went off to the bathroom or something.

I can't say what brought the high school one on, but as for the creepy dream, it's probably related to having read more scary stories before going to bed. Something about going to sleep with those in mind makes for really weird dreams. And still on the topic, I've been thinking about how I've been staying awake until 7 alot more lately, and have decided that as long as this continues, I'll do something new with it next week. Specifically, because I'm used to sleeping in late now, going to bed really early one night, waking up around 8 or 9 in the morning, and not going to sleep again for another 24 hours. Much as I did when we went to Mississauga, but this time entirely to manipulate my body into sleeping for at least a full 8 hours without me needing to wake up for anything. I could even do that right now, but would rather not until I have at least two days off in a row. Not next week because I'm pretty sure we have haircut appointments for Friday, and I can't remember much of my schedule after that. In fact the only thing I really have on my mind about work right now is closing with Orlando and George tomorrow. No other managers or staff, but it'll easily be better than next Wednesday ;_;

Since those dreams ended up being so long and it's already 6:30 though, I'm off to bed. Finished up Banjo-Kazooie today (the last four notes were on top of the treehouse in winter) and started into Tooie, but I'm not sure if I really want to keep at it any more just yet. We'll see tomorrow, I guess. I can think of one more thing that might be fun, but I'm not starting it tonight. Just one more check of uTorrent (and another sentence of this babbling), and I'll be done~

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