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More Bad Than Good

I was a fool to expect anything different. On a whole tonight, work sucked quite thoroughly, but the walk home was much better because I went out to Michener and back around in less than an hour. It certainly helped that I was trying to keep pace with my music, but overall I'm really glad I chose to do that. My biggest reason for wanting to go out there before (outside of the obvious) was to prove that I could go out for a fair length walk without being stopped by anybody. For the first half though, I was a little more nervous than usual heading out to Michener, because I passed by a couple guys jogging down the other side of the street, and found it odd for them to be out doing that at ~4 in the morning, so I was worried they were out looking to cause trouble. The fun result to that is there was absolutely nothing of concern for the whole walk. Oh, sure my one of my shoes came untied at one point and I saw some other guy out riding his bike, but I'm home now and the only thing to show for it is my legs being kind of sore because I haven't walked that quickly in at least a week. If it were Wednesday tomorrow I'd be heading out the other direction to Keil, and I already plan on telling Sheila I want to walk home before even starting work so I can be sure of having the opportunity. And of course, getting a donut from Tim Hortons and candies from 7-11 (if I don't walk right down to Queen) sounds like an excellent idea <3

Same as the previous paragraph started off, I was a fool to think working with George as the only manager would be the same as any other shift where Steve, Manoah, or even Mary were in charge. She did most of his training for closes, and that definitely shows. Mostly stuff that doesn't make a difference to me, but I didn't appreciate being told I couldn't get stuff ready for the end of the night like I normally do, because Melissa liked it done a different way. She doesn't even work tomorrow George, and quite frankly she's yet to say anything to the rest of us, so I have to assume she doesn't mind. If you want it done a certain way, then by all means, go ahead, but my method of doing things has served me quite well up to now, so I don't see why that would change. And on top of all that, I also had other concerns on my mind (again, nothing significant, but all stuff that I find some way to feel bad about), so for almost the entire night I was going really slowly, and around 1 in the morning I completely lost the will to say anything or look even the slightest bit content. Picture somebody shuffling around with an empty look on their face, and the speed to match. Yeah. But thankfully that did improve after we got out of there, although that wasn't before George's insistence that I clock out a couple minutes before I said I would, then proceeding to take another ten minutes inside while Orlando and I waited for him because he couldn't figure out how to print the close report. And I have the exciting opportunity to repeat that the next two nights as well.

So really that's where the changed icon for this entry comes from. I'm more tired than sad. I imagine things will go back to normal within the coming week or so, but getting to that point would almost certainly be much quicker without work in the way. Then again, yesterday was boring enough because I didn't go out anywhere again, but this week I have both grocery shopping and going to Tilbury for a haircut, if nothing else. Enough of these bad things though. What I did very much like tonight was coming home and checking uTorrent. The files I thought would take at least another week to download had already finished. Unfortunately it was too late for me to go back and check the speed history, but I'd like to have seen that then. And my IP has changed yet again too. I might not even notice that normally, but for some reason, every time it does the rule I have set in the modem to open uTorrent's port seems to get assigned to the first computer to reconnect to the wireless internet. Sometimes it's mine, but more often than not Naomi's shows up instead, so I come home to see a yellow warning triangle and a fuss about the network not working as it should. Oh, and it's a complete full turn and then some, but when I left tonight there were three pieces of chicken in the fridge for me. I came home to find one. If it wasn't for the thought of being woken up by pounding at my door in a couple hours, I'd have taken the network cable and disabled Naomi's laptops from connecting to the internet. Petty, but I think the point where that sort of stuff can be excused passed several years ago. At least my pudding was still there <3

But anyways, I'm here once again. Quarter after 7 with no real desire to go to bed, but I think tonight might be a good time to do something like what I mentioned yesterday. Get to sleep around 8, wake up at 1 or 2, and stay up the rest of the afternoon and evening so I'll really be ready to go right to bed tomorrow. Most importantly though is stopping this senseless rambling for a second night. I enjoy it, and have become used to seeing larger paragraphs than before, but that'll only last for as long as it takes me to go back to the afternoon again. I also hate seeing more than a screen of meandering drivel, but here I am going on and on despite that. I will end with, for now, saying that I hope tomorrow night goes better. Maybe it's time that I used having privacy to speak to George about my concerns to do so, instead of plotting to write Melissa more notes asking what she thinks about the situation. I'll just find out then~

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