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Accepting Responsibility is Key

Still a little serious tonight, but far less so than when I came home from work yesterday. I'm in about the same place right now as I get after having any serious disagreements with Manoah, but with George instead.

If I had his email address or some other way to contact him privately, I would have already sent him a message to apologize for being so difficult the past couple nights. I was reading a post from one of my customer stories category feeds earlier tonight, which contained a picture taken of a sign the manager of the place had written, with several other notes scrawled beneath / around it saying things along the lines of "Act like adults" and whatnot, which got me to thinking some more. For almost the whole night at work I was trying to justify my standpoint as continuing to do the same things I had been for the past couple years and gotten used to. Managers be damned (pardon the language), I've proven [x] to work, so why should I change just because somebody else thinks their way works better? For reference, the concern here is the way leftover food is put away at the end of the night. My way is a combination of what I was told to do when I first started working there and the method other closers use now, but it leaves the morning staff with a small pile of dishes to do right away. If it were that on it's own, I'd say screw them, they can wash the dishes because it shouldn't take that long. I'm not there to make things easier for the openers when they do nothing of the sort for us, and considering they don't open the doors for at least an hour and a half after they get there, they should have plenty of time.

Getting back to my previous train of thought though, is doesn't work that way. Oh, sure, I can definitely not like working with certain people (I would still be extremely pleased if Mary went back to work at the Windsor store), but my options for the other are to either conform (not entirely, but enough to make the rest negligible), or risk certain consequences that I'd rather not face, as simply being told "You're not doing this right" is annoying enough at times. On the other hand (or paw, whatever) one could also surmise this change in attitude has come to pass only because I have several days off coming up, and am looking forward to them. It really comes down to what I told George earlier tonight: "You people suck all the fun out of this job". I know work isn't supposed to always be enjoyable, but it's far preferable going there and having a normal night than having to worry about doing everything a certain way because of the manager. Oh, and to go off on another tangent about one more annoyance in this category, I'm tired of being put on line. George and Sheila continue to do so because I'm generally faster than them, while Steve does most likely so he doesn't have to worry about cleaning it all up at the end of the night. The rest of the time there's only about a 50% chance of being on it, but I'm getting very very very tired of going there night after night and doing nothing but sidestepping to the left and right for three quarters of my shift. Maybe I'll have to tell as much to George next Sunday, but the first thing is to see how taking everything down throughout the night goes with keeping his conditions in mind.

Another thought I had on the way to work earlier tonight was how I'm stuck in a rut once again. I've done pretty much the same thing over and over for the past week, but now that I've picked back up on taking longer routes home from work, I'm finding more and more things to do in my free time, the very first of which involves some walking about on Tuesday. To get home tonight, I went out McNaughton to Baldoon, then down to the Thames Lea Plaza, and along the sidewalk beside it from there. When I got to Shoppers, Canadian Tire, and Staples, I noticed a sign out in front of the first one that said they were moving, and as a result, "select items" were 70% off, so I'll have to check that out soon. Even if I don't actually get anything, I can still get DVDs from Staples instead of Walmart, and perhaps snacks from the bakery down the street, as last time I was there was while I was in college, and I'd like a change of pace from, but still a selection somewhat similar to Tim Hortons'. And of course I might head off to Charlie's Variety as well, but all of that, at the moment, hinges on whether or not I'm needed at Heart and Stroke this week. Michele may not even be back from vacation for all I know, but I sent her an email anyways, so maybe I'll see a response when I wake up tomorrow afternoon. After that, I'm not sure, but I have something else much more sedentary in mind for Thursday or Friday.

I'm still downloading seasons 6 and 7 of it, but I'm only up to the middle of season 3, and DS9 is finally getting to the point of not being entirely boring. Either that or I haven't been able to fully appreciate it the past couple days for having other things on my mind, but I so very much want to see a day come by where I can lay here for the entire afternoon watching it, then go out for snacks at some point during the late evening, come back home, and continue for the rest of the night. Of course, of course, I could only want that just right now, and by the time Thursday and Friday get here I'll want to do completely different things, but as it's not terribly important, I'd rather not worry about what may happen. The only downside is I keep spoiling all the interesting bits by reading what I presume to be spoiler-free pages on the wiki, and end up seeing things such as main characters dying, and, before I even watched the first episode, glancing at the synopsis for "What You Leave Behind". It's a bit sad having a general idea of the conclusion already, but as I've said about other things in the past (Phoenix Wright in particular), getting to the conclusion is often as exciting as the end. Just a little respite to make things seem better <3

Aside from all that, the one remaining thought running through my head is tomorrow night. Not so much work, because I'm only concerned about getting out before the order comes for that, but afterwards. These past two nights I've done well for thinking of how I want to get home and going through with it despite the walk being somewhat far, so assuming the same happens tomorrow, I'll get all the way out to Michener and Indian Creek. Entirely because I want to get a donut from the Tim Hortons on Park Ave, and a drink from the one behind 7-11. I know, I know, I said I'd save that for the night I close with Sheila, but I can't guarantee she'll let me go without a fuss about walking home on my own, and I'd rather not wait that long when I can just go to 7-11 the same night for candies as was originally the second half of my plans. Money might be a concern with all of this, but aside from needing ~$20 for Tuesday, I have change for the rest, and even after that should be well enough off this coming week. Let's assume first of all that I make $200 from work. That leaves me with $160 in the bank and a ten dollar bill for myself, with the rest going to Mom for gas, but on top of that Adam will be giving me $45, and Manoah owes me $80.

I think I should be done for tonight though, as abrupt as it is. I'm obviously in a better mood than yesterday because I could probably keep going for another half hour at least, but it's close to 7, and I need to be prepared just in case Michele says yes. I don't believe there's anything left to say about what I have already though, so that's good enough. Besides, I still need to think of a title~

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