Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Pillow is to Blame

Had I known this would be the effect, I would've washed my pillow a long time ago, and maybe done so another time before now too. I ended up getting a ride home from George last night instead of walking, because I had other laundry to do and my clothes were still rather damp from walking to work in the rain. Somewhat a disappointment, but I used the extra time to get Witchyworld caught up as much as possible in Banjo-Tooie. Part of the laundry was my pillow though, because after realizing it might be responsible for a few small things while I was at work, I decided there was no time to waste, and for some reason, as soon as my head hit the pillow I grabbed from the spare room, I was quite thoroughly out until 12. I couldn't even remember what day it was at first when I woke up again. Only that I'd been dreaming about things seen and done before going to bed, which was alot better than it might sound. I even went so far as to think I'd go straight back to bed when I got home from Heart and Stroke, but that's not going to be possible, for I still have plans to get out to Staples and Shoppers and such other places, then have dishes to do, and other similar previously-mentioned obligations that come in early in the afternoon on my next two days off. I just dislike how everything seems to pile up at once, but at least I can sleep in for an extra hour or two tomorrow, and do the same on Thursday.

As for today, from what I've heard the only thing Michele wants me to do is make up team lists for Big Bike to be put on bristol board. Yeah. Why do they need me for that? At least there's a chance of going home whenever it's done, but today is just one where I wish she would say "Oh, that's not hard. I can do it myself". I know the only reason I feel that way is because I'm tired, and that's from having gone to bed late, but in this case each of those smaller things become worse when they add up. Another option would be to not go walking around after I'm done there, which I am definitely considering, but would rather not resort to either. I've already not gone out where I said I would yesterday night, and there's no need to make that two days in a row aside from laziness. We'll see, I guess. At worst it just means I won't be going to Shoppers or that bakery, and I don't know what the first place has on sale to begin with, and don't expect the second to be going anywhere soon, as they've been in that exact spot for years and years now. Besides, I was looking through Walmart's flyer while making something to eat last night, and noticed they have several things on sale this week that I'd like to pick up. Packages of drumsticks for ~$2.50, big bags of chips for about the same price, and at least one other item I can't remember right now. I know trying to walk home with the ice cream cones wouldn't work well, but nobody's saying I can't just get a ride home from out there this week. I'll just have to leave Mom partway through grocery shopping so I can run over there.

There aren't very many other matters to discuss yet though. Work last night went better than the previous two, although tomorrow will undoubtedly be different yet again, and I have more than enough to do around here to keep me busy right now <3 As I said above, I've made decent progress in Banjo-Tooie, and really the only thing that entails is finishing Glitter Gulch Mine. Just like Bubblegloop Swamp in the previous game, there are too many small annoying things about it that make the world less fun on a whole, the most notable of which is everything looking the same, making it easy to get lost. I do still need to go to the bank before Heart and Stroke though, so I really should go get ready for that and see about the rest of the afternoon whenever I finish those lists. Doesn't sound like too much to do~

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