Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Plans Fail Once Again

So much for my consideration of going straight home from Heart and Stroke and having a nap. I did the first part, but for the rest of the afternoon and evening have been laying here playing Banjo-Tooie and watching new episodes of my current TV series of choice. I'm going to get to the walking around sooner or later, and right now even have something in mind that could get me out there tomorrow, but for today it was nice to get a head start on what I had planned for Thursday and / or Friday, with the addition of getting a fair amount of food from 7-11 and eating it all at once. As before, I'll regret the latter, but am thinking about changing my plans for after work tomorrow slightly so I only spend what change I have in my wallet instead. And I would say what they are right now, but as it's happened twice in a row, I have to say it seems that mentioning such plans ensures they won't happen. Which is doubtlessly a conclusion I've come to before, but it happened yet again just today. It seems fitting anyways. On top of the things I'll be doing already on Thursday and Friday, Michele might also be calling me if she needs changes / additions made to the flyers I worked on today. Flyers which she was planning to have me come in tomorrow to finish, until she realized they'd be finished before I left, so now I have another two weeks (possibly more) off again.

I'd say it was a decent afternoon overall, and definitely better than I was expecting. The special part was that Tryphena's interview was today, so I sort of snuck up on her, as well as that her Mom came along too, apparently interested in volunteering as well. I was obviously busy with my work while they were in with Michele, but the bits I overheard were about them helping distribute Big Bike incentives and also standing in for other people when they needed to take breaks. Not at all what I was expecting (I thought she would be there on her own and be assigned some office work at first), but it was fun seeing them there instead of at work or in their car when I ask for a ride home. Steve and Michele also told me all about it (or rather I walked up while they were in the middle of the discussion to ask Michele about next week), which is where I heard most of the above from, but yeah. At least that worked out well. The only downside is I might have a more difficult time of using having to work as an excuse when I just don't want to go in there on a particular week, but I also like to think I'm past the point of doing that now. Not to say I can see myself stopping entirely. Just once every couple months or something.

I am, however, rather tired now, which is where being superfluous yet again comes from, but I can definitely sleep in tomorrow <3 The thought of closing with Sheila does take a bit of the fun out of that, but as I've been thinking to myself the past couple days, given the choice between closing with her or Melissa and Mary, I'd definitely choose her. I'm told tomorrow night won't be the last time this month anyways, and there's really no better reason for wanting to just get the shifts done and over with. It could be worse too. This Saturday is the 24th, which everybody says will be really busy every year. I do still work then, but it's a supper shift instead of closing with the other two managers mentioned in the previous paragraph. All this talk of work isn't going to do me any good though. I'm tired and it's time for bed, so I'm going to do just that. There's plenty to get back to in the afternoon, starting with uTorrent. At least two more of my downloads should be finished by then, and after that I might leave for work early. It all depends on what else I'm doing at the time~

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