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It has occurred to me that this may be somewhat of a concern now. It's been almost a week since I sent Money Mart a message about the fee discrepancy, and every time I've logged into the site over the past six days, its status has been "In process". Yeah, process. I might say something to them, but it's an insignificant "problem". As for the other issue, while I like to think somebody's doing something about it, odds are that the question was acknowledged then immediately forgotten about, so I'm going to have to ask whenever Adam gives me his money and I go there. Tomorrow would be nice, but there's no rush until June starts. In the meantime though, I also worry that I'll go there to put money on my card for the internet this month, and sometime between then and when Teksavvy would take it, the card company will get around to addressing my problem, which will somehow make it impossible for the former to get the payment they're owed. Worst case scenario anyways. I'm actually probably just being impatient, but last time I contacted them they responded within a couple days, so I'd think the same would be true a second time.

Whatever though. If worse does come to worse I have the option of online payments, but I dislike the thought of having to use the service I need to pay money for to pay money to use said service. Give me another option, even if it's going to the office monthly with exactly $41.95 in cash. It would actually be alot more convenient if they accepted that, but I digress. The main point, while something I haven't even alluded to yet, is that if complications should arise, the staff at Money Mart and / or "People's Trust Company" will hear about it. At which point I have to say that this is interesting. I just searched for the company's contact info to check how they could be contacted if the need arose, and noticed that first instead. The downside? Unless I'm completely missing them, there's no listing of the fees associated with the card. Unless they're hidden in the cardholder agreement somewhere, but I only skimmed through it, just enough to see the all-caps bit about being forbidden from spending more than the balance on the card. I'm sort of curious what would happen if I did, but the closest I've come is putting money on my Visa while there was less than two dollars remaining on it, so for a single second (or so I presume), I was several cents "in the red" <3

But anyways, that's all well and good, as I'll take care of it before the end of next week. What I do really wish to write about now is something that happened at work tonight.

First of all, it was fantastically busy. The first hour just flew by thanks to all the customers that started lining up outside and flocking into the dining room as soon as I started, no less. That much is a coincidence, but I chalk it having been unusually busy up to the weather. The past week and then some has been nice and overcast and cool, and we haven't been very busy as a result, but then today comes with temperatures over twenty degrees, and everybody decides to make use of the nice weather. But as for my story, sometime shortly after nine, let's say 9:15, the phone rang while I was just starting to make a large order. Steve answered it, because he was still standing at front cash having just finished taking somebody's order, and quickly turned in my direction saying it was for me. I never get calls at work. Make them, yes, on rare occasions, but last time somebody called me there was at least a year ago. Anyways, I had no choice but to continue making food for another minute or so while Steve took care of the last few customers, then he went to the back, washed his hands, and came up on line so I could see who was on the phone. It was Adam. For reasons unbeknownst to me (aside from it being dirty) he decided to vacuum behind the computer desk, and in the process unplugged the modem, and even after hooking it up again, the internet wouldn't work.

To avoid going into too much more unnecessary detail, I spent a couple minutes guiding him through trying to reconnect, going so far as to give him the username and password. Funny how I've used the latter only three times now yet can remember it with ease, but that didn't help any. It wouldn't work no matter what I told him to do, so in order to get back to work I said I'd look at it when I got home, and walked back up front. Another half hour or so passed by before I decided to try and call him back and give it another attempt, but the line was busy. That time and the five or six more I tried after that until he finally picked up. The second attempt wasn't any more of a success though, and I was going in the wrong direction, as I learned upon getting home. The phone line had simply come unplugged from the wall. Yeah. But I used being on that computer to finally change the user picture from that of the headshot of my very first commission from Cooper to the icon I have of my Christmas commission from Streetlights. So he'll have a bit of a surprise in the morning, but will probably only care to see if the internet is working.

As for me, I'm done for the night now. Sleeping until at least 3 would be really nice, and I'm looking forward to getting groceries tomorrow so I can do my other shopping out there. Can't remember exactly what I wanted to get at Walmart anymore, but I'll walk around for a bit and see if anything comes to mind. My plans for the night after that are more obvious, but there are at least twelve hours to go before then~

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