Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Mind is Elsewhere

Something seems different tonight. I did wash my hair really well as I always do the night before getting it cut, but unlike the other times, the thought of having to wake up early hasn't crossed my mind more than two or three times, up to the point where I was laying in bed a little while ago watching uTorrent and thinking about things, when I realized it was after 5 so I should be getting to bed. The thing is, I'm not tired at all for some reason, so I was also thinking about staying awake for the entire day and tomorrow night as I was thinking, before I remembered I have to work a supper shift on Saturday, so I wouldn't be able to sleep in. I can't explain it though. Tonight has been entirely normal aside from a few small things. For one, I bought some DVDs at Walmart today. 25 stacked around a spindle instead of enclosed in plastic cases which didn't register until I got home. It took me several hours after that to finally get around to burning the Windows 7 ISO, and then I hit another snag. See, I can't install it on this laptop because my torrents would get messed up and I don't feel like fussing around with the partitions, and my only other option involves creating a bootable USB installation stick. Side note here to say Staples' site is really confusing, because searching for "usb stick" brought up laptops and [card] to USB adapters, but that's about the same as contacting Money Mart about them using "process" instead of "progress" on their site is. It's not worth my time, although on a related note, I did send them a message saying they needed a favicon about a month ago. Nothing yet.

Anyways, the problem with creating such a stick is that I don't have one meeting the requirements. Namely, that the capacity needs to be 4GB or greater. I have one for 2, but it's got all my reinstallation stuff and a couple other things I don't want to lose on it, and while I could use one of my microSD cards with the USB adapter for them provided with my R4DS, the 2GB one is not only too small but also has Windows XP on it, and the 16GB one is in use in my Acekard, and I'm not about to move everything off of it just to satisfy my curiosity. But then I had the thought to use my spare 4GB PSP memory stick. Connecting the PSP to my laptop should work, or so you might think, but while it's shown in Explorer, diskpart refuses to show the same. It's of no immediate consequence though. Should the need arise, I'll use part of the $80 Manoah owes me to buy a stick from Staples or wherever else, but before that I plan to ask Adam if he'd mind me using his. Probably, but it can't hurt to ask.

The second problem was trying to rename a whole bunch of files. Several weeks ago I mentioned downloading the Japanese version of Iron Chef, and they're all finished now. The thing is, the filenames in the torrent I chose only list the secret ingredients - not the chefs "battling" in that particular show. But then I found a second torrent for all the same episodes, plus one with the title "2000th Dish Special", so I downloaded that, but of course uTorrent still shows the rest of the files, and, as I had "preallocate files" checked, showed them in Explorer. As such I used the opportunity to create a directory listing of the entire folder, as that torrent did include the chefs' names as well, but as I found out tonight, I neglected to use the /b switch, so I had to manually go through and delete the extra information, such as the filesize and whatnot. Then after that was done, I spent a couple hours in total trying to find a way to batch rename the entire set. Eventually I happened upon a method that looked to be doable with Google Docs, but the problem there ended up being that I couldn't figure out how to put quotes around the filenames. Cue a bunch more sorting around and I finally found this program that did the job nicely, but getting there was far more frustrating. And the best part? I don't plan on watching any more than I did while they were downloading until all my torrents are finished. If I continue at the rate I have been for the past couple days that won't be too much longer, but once again I've gone from not having enough to having too much. Yay.

I do need to get to bed somewhat early tonight though, so I'm done this to go do that. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have better things to say <3~

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