Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Not Succumb to Fatigue

No wonder it feels like there's something else I should be doing. My two options at the moment are writing this entry and going to bed, but I don't want to call it a night just yet because then I'd get used to going to sleep early again. It's only been fifteen hours considering I woke up at noon today, but all the same five hours of sleep was far from enough, so I'm definitely looking forward to laying down tonight. Before that though, I obviously have a few other points of interest to write about, starting with this afternoon.

Before anything else, I was almost ready to toss my laptop off my beside table to make the alarm turn off, as I couldn't for the life of me remember how to turn it down. I think I reached up and pressed the key combination to dim the screen more, but that didn't help any, then I tried switching to Firefox and pressing CTRL-W to close the tab, but as the alarm clock is a flash object and was the last thing I clicked on, that didn't do anything either, so close to ten more seconds passed by while I got more and more frustrated with the thing (and woke up more as well) before I realized I could just turn the volume knob to the left a couple times. Would've been nice to realize that immediately, but oh well. It got me up, and then I had another hour to spend doing nothing because we were leaving at 1 instead of 12:30. The drive was nothing special as was anything else related to going there until about halfway through my haircut.

Susan was talking to Mom, as I was both still tired and not feeling terribly talkative like I usually do when I go there, when she asked if Mom or I had heard about "them" using human hair to soak up the oil from that spill that was all over the place about a month ago. That's fine. Nothing wrong with a simple question like that, but then she goes on to say something about the spill to the effect of "It just goes to show those people need to turn to God". As with any other time religion comes up there I rather wanted to say something but didn't, although now that I'm at home, I have to ask what part this entity that may or may not exist play(s/ed) in such a crisis. Seems awfully assuming for anyone to jump to that conclusion, but in the end it's not my place to say. As long as she doesn't drag me into such conversation I'll be content to sit there with a stern look on my face and scoff at the ignorance of jumping to conclusions <3 Mind you saying all that does make me sound somewhat presumptuous as well, but I don't care what theories anybody wants to believe, as long as they're open to other possibilities. The alternative is keeping it entirely to yourself, but for something as widespread as organized religion on a whole, that isn't exactly applicable. Anyways, the only other thing of mention after that was going to Tim Hortons before leaving Tilbury and asking for an Apple Cheese Danish, as there were two in the little tray. I waited while the lady went over to grab one, holding my money ready to give to her, when she came back and said "We're actually out of the danishes. The last two were just taken." So I decided I'd look for them at the Tim Hortons behind 7-11 later in the evening, but never made it there because I spent my remaining money at 7-11. Oh well. Food is food, and despite not going there I've had enough to last me at least a couple days since waking up.

I even went so far as to make plans for going to Subway on the way home from work tomorrow night, but I doubt that'll happen now. Rather, I'll use being done at midnight to take a longer way home and finally get into The Silver Chair on my PSP. Listened to the first chapter of it again on the way to Tilbury today, as last time I even touched them was when I went to London, and I was more focused on trying to find Tim Hortons at the time. As I've mentioned before, the problems start when my mind begins to wander to other matters. Just like I can play a game on my laptop and watch a movie or whatever else at the same time and keep equal focus on both, but if I pause the game to read something, whatever's being said in the show goes right out the window. Speaking of which, I did precious little in Banjo-Tooie today. Ventured into Hailfire Peaks far enough to get killed at which point I decided my efforts would be better spent organizing some of this music I've downloaded so I can have copies on my external drives while still leaving the original files and folders for uTorrent to seed.

I think I may compromise tonight though. By the time I finish my other things it will be just about 6:00, and this can't go on much longer. In order to give me something to start with tomorrow though, I've been having thoughts about my reference sheet. Thoughts involving possible changes, but I'll get back to those tomorrow at earliest. All I care about right now is going to bed~

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