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How the Time Flies...

Ouch. 7:30 in the morning already :x Really gonna have to make this short, because I want to be asleep by 8:30 at latest. Not for any particular reason, really, but just because I'm normally long asleep by this time :p

Work wasn't too bad, although I'm beginning to notice a trend there. Provided I start work at 8, things are relatively calm for an hour or so, then at 9, we get busy. Tonight, the same thing happened, except the people on line were me (steaming), Cori (stuffing), and Ange (expediting). Things just didn't work out with that setup, because at a couple points throughout the rush, we had 10 minute orders on our boards. Other than that, I steamed for pretty much the rest of the night, stopping only to go on my break, and to deck scrub. We weren't really busy after 11, except for the bar rush, which was pretty much normal length. One guy came through though, and didn't know what he wanted to order, so Steve told him to just take his time. What did he decide on? Two family packs. Fun.

One good thing about tonight is that for some reason, the order came last night, so we didn't have to worry about it tonight. I just have to wonder if things are going to stay like that or not though.

So tomorrow, it's me, Josh, Steve, and John to close. Not to bad, I guess. I'm going to predict that I'll be on line, John will be on drive through (seeing as Steve was on it tonight), Steve will either be on line with me, or back doing the dishes, and Josh'll just be doing other random things. I'm seriously contemplating phoning them around 4 or 5 though, to say that I won't be in until 9 (I'm scheduled for 8). We'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to see how that goes though.

As for today though (well, yesterday now), nothing to mention once again. Went grocery shopping around 11, then stopped by EB Games, where I picked up Lumines II. I like the promotion they have on right now. Buy a game, and you get a razor :3 I stocked up on the 10 free song download cards pretty quickly (although I've yet to use any of them, and they're probably all expired anyways). So from EB Games, we went to Food Basics, because from what Mom was saying, they had grape juice on sale there, but she came out empty handed with the explanation that they had some in the back, but it wasn't going to be brought out just for her. Right. I think she went back later on though, so whatever.

From there though, we went to Staples, where I (finally) got a USB floppy drive, and a 4GB memory stick for my PSP. Yeah, I said I was going to wait, but I didn't :p After that, I just did stuff on the computer (or should I say computers now?) until I had to leave for work.

One thing I did was put all the seasons of The Drew Carey Show and Whose Line is it Anyway on the 300GB external hard drive I bought a while back, as well as all the music that was on the storage hard drive, so that's enough to keep me occupied for now.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to finish watching the episode of Whose Line I was before I had to leave for work, then get to sleep. It's now going on 8 in the morning, so it's about time :x

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