Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More (Ir)regular Night

Somewhat surprisingly, I liked the way tonight turned out even though it started off really badly. In a nutshell, I was late for work and it took George and I an extra hour and a half to clean up and get out of there, but of course, I'm going to go into more detail than that.

Towards being late, I should've given it some more thought instead of assuming that since I worked a close I'd start at 8, but no. Went downstairs at 6:55, and into the kitchen only because I had bowl to put in the sink, but while I was in there heard the answering machine beeping, so I decided to check the message. It was Manoah informing me of the time at which he called, and that I was scheduled to start at 7, so he wanted to know where I was. So right from the start I had a very rushed walk to work, and absolutely no time to rest before changing into my uniform, but strangely enough, that worked because I wasn't in a particularly comfortable state upon going into the bathroom. Anyways, the four people working at the time were all to understanding (and in complete seriousness, they were, including James going so far as to point out that he'd been late too) and I ended up with half an hour less than I should've so meh. I very much doubt anybody else will even notice.

Now as for taking so very long to clean up and leave, it was busy (going by total per hour, at least $150 starting from 8 and ending at 1), and I picked tonight of all nights to remove all the wraps and everything from line and clean it really well. And by "well" I mean leaving everything in their temporary places until after we'd closed, then putting the leftover food away, wiping everything down a second time, then setting the shelves and whatnot up as they were supposed to be. Well, there are a few changes they may not like in the morning, but I think they'll either come to not care of prefer them the new way. Doing all of that up front took me close to the hour and a half, but that wasn't all. During the entire time, George was either at the back washing dishes, or taking care of the manager work he hadn't been able to do earlier in the night. All in all I liked it though. Had Sheila been closing we would've been out the door at 1:30 and I wouldn't have so much as had a chance to do the cleaning I wanted, but George seemed just as resigned to the idea of not getting out right away as I was, so we worked on getting stuff done instead of fretting over the time. Walking home was fun too, because just before going outside I announced that my plans to get home had changed, and that I'd be going straight to 7-11 for a Slurpee instead, and George decided to join me. Just something different for a change, and it seems like he and I are now reaching the middle ground that Mary and I completely missed. Mutual understanding, if you will.

As for other things though, what with not getting home until 3 there obviously isn't much. No new emails, but that's no change from before, and I'm still trying to decide what to do about tomorrow. I can't spend the entire day in the house, but Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore are too far away with this humidity even if they are open, and my choices of where else to go are somewhat limited by the fact that I don't want to spend any more money until I've gone to the bank. That in itself is another thing I've been reconsidering. Why not just deposit $50 and keep the remainder for myself? Because $30 is way too much to spend on snacks, that's why, and if I were to follow those plans that's exactly what I'd spend it on. Speaking of which as soon as I'm done here I have to go log into Easyweb and make another transfer, but yeah. I'll just have to see what happens tomorrow. Something will come to mind~

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