Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Nothing Like a Warm Shower

I know I say this every summer, but it's still so very true. Until about 11:00 tonight, I was extremely frustrated and angry with the weather of all things, because of how humid it was and how my room was so much hotter than the hallway or downstairs. Eventually that led to me throwing a pillow at the wall and hitting my shelves, so I decided that before doing anything worse, I'd go lay in the bathtub with cool water running for a while. The bath part did happen, but the water wasn't quite so cool, but it worked anyways because after a certain point I would start shivering whenever I lifted my arms out of the water. To be fair though, doing that wasn't all that helped, as the temperature did go down noticeably once it got dark, but I'm back to loathing summer more than anything already, and it's only just about June ;_; In spite of that, however, I have plans to go to Walmart tomorrow afternoon and stop by Money Mart as well to discuss the problem I'm having with their fees, so maybe being out and about instead of cooped up inside while it's hottest will do some good. The only thing that stopped me from going there today was their being closed at 8, but whatever. Less money spent at the moment is good, because I'm not going to the bank until tomorrow afternoon either, and even then I might keep just ten dollars of the eighty I have to get a little container of ice cream from 7-11 on the way back. Or maybe just another Slurpee, as that would be far less expensive.

As for what I did with the rest of my time, played games, mostly. Started with Banjo-Tooie, which got annoying fast because I was tired of dying every ten seconds and the lag from the emulator, so eventually that changed to trying to get other games to work with D3DWindower, so I could play something else and continue watching shows in Windows Media Player. Alas, the closest I got was getting the one game without an option to do so to run in a window, but said window took up almost the entire screen, with about five pixels of padding on each side. Better yet was how the actual game took up only two thirds of that space, but yeah. It didn't work. Not wanting to mess around with the programs any more, I went back to watching stuff alone and trying to remain cool, but eventually the show got to a point where I didn't feel like watching any further (need to leave some of the plot twists and developments for another day <3), which was right about the point where I took a bath, and after that got into Avernum 6, as I just found out it existed today. No real progress to mention yet, but that's probably because I'm more concerned with exploring the available areas than I am with completing quests right now. Then the last hour was spent playing a custom quest in Zelda Classic, because I just remembered that game tonight as well, which will have been the first time in close to five years. Nothing to mention there either, but I do know where the first dungeon is now <3

Moving on to other less what I did today related things, I have an email to send out before going to bed, which is loosely related to the several I've been waiting for. I'm also expecting one, but it won't come until the afternoon, and that's really it. I can't expect much more from a day like this, but looking ahead to this coming weekend, the weather's supposed to be getting a little better, and I'll be quite happy if it does. For now though, all I have to worry about is what making it out to Walmart today will be like, and sending this email before it gets too much later. Both are easy enough~

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