Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much Time on Their Hands

Woke up about ten minutes ago after noticing it was after 1 and feeling as if I couldn't sleep for any longer, and went to check my email, as per usual. There was but one new message, from 4shared saying they'd received a complaint that one or more files I'd uploaded were breaking their terms of service and contained "illegal or abusive information". I of course went over there and logged in to check which files had been flagged, and what did I see? Oh Holy Night by Josh Groban as the sole file in the "abuse" folder. I have most certainly sent them a pointed message about that, because unless I'm forced into a "It's this or your account" situation, I'd rather get word from a non-automated message asking me to do so first. The best part is their treacly "You can remove these files so they won't consume your storage space" closing sentence. No, thanks. It's only 5 megabytes, and I'm far from pressed for space.

That being said, it's only a single MP3, and even how I'm going to manage with the heat again today is more important than that. Thankfully I don't have anywhere to go though, except for a quick walk outside later to maybe check what sort of fans Giant Tiger currently has in stock, and then to 7-11 for just a few snacks. Was going to go there last night, but ended up going straight to the house for reasons I can no longer remember. It was telling Sheila I was walking home that turned out more interesting though. Apparently she has the exact same things on her mind about me as her son, for right after being informed that I'd be fine walking, she asked if I was seeing somebody. No, Sheila, in complete honesty I just want to be outside for a bit. Work sucks more than ever with the weather as it is lately and other certain things of concern there, so even ten or twenty minutes outside on my own makes all the difference. Mind you, I didn't go into that much detail explaining it to her, simply saying that I needed some time outside after working for almost six hours straight, but she wasn't content to leave it at that either, saying I was really secretive. Yes, and I do like it that way. I shouldn't see her for another month now though, so there's no further need to concern myself with that. As for Josh stopping by yesterday morning, I don't think he did. Somebody else would've said something to me if so, and the only thing I can remember being told is Mom saying she was making brownies. Such interesting things.

There isn't much else to say about today though. Just waiting for a reply to that email from 4shared, and thinking about going out to Giant Tiger and 7-11 early, but then I go into a bit of uncertainty about whether or not I have enough money for that, and decide that I'd rather not, but still need something to get me outside for a bit today. Not even going to attempt to go for just a walk in this heat, and that leaves me with stuff to do indoors. Summer is so amazing <3 I just wish it were June even so I could justify the current conditions somewhat, but it's May. Let's do away with this humidity and get a bit more rain and wind. Would be far more pleasant, but since I'm obviously prattling on about nothing in particular now, I'm off to check my balance and maybe out to the places mentioned above from there. Need $40 extra at least~

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