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Karadur Inacu 

I Have Another Call to Make

An envelope arrived in the mail today that was addressed to me. The first possibility of what it could be that came to mind was another invoice from FedEx. I can't remember what it was now, but I had some package shipped with them a little while ago, so it would've made sense. That guess was wrong though, for when I opened it the first word that caught my eye was "Visa". It is indeed another card from the bank (or rather not from the bank, but with the TD branding on it), so I'll have to contact them on Monday and ask why they sent it when I canceled my account quite a way back. I haven't received any more bills yet, which I guess could be seen as a good thing, but did find it odd that my accounts list in Easyweb showed the card, and even moreso now that I have a new one. If it's worth anything, the only difference is the chip, but that aside, if I wasn't still in some doubt about needing it, I'd shred the thing and all documentation pertaining to it into tiny little pieces. For all I know they could need it back as proof that I no longer wish to have a card with them though, so I'll keep it and see what happens next week.

As for what I said yesterday about Money Mart and TekSavvy, I don't have any email about that. The two I received since last night were from Gamespot about updates on Twilight Princess that I don't recall ever subscribing to, and from 4shared which was a more specific explanation of why one of my files was marked as inappropriate. Copyright complaints, which is quite understandable, and as far as I'm concerned it's not worth fussing over when I've got a multitude of other MP3s that they could fuss over. The only few I really care about are those from Vulpvibe / Lapfox Trax anyways. If I paid money for it, you can be certain I'll put up more of a fuss than saying "Oh, alright I understand. Thanks for your help, and sorry for the trouble". Thankfully it's yet to come to that, but it could as soon as one second after I finish typing this sentence. There's no sense going on about that at length though, and I do still have two more things to write about.

Going back to my previous entry again, I mentioned moving my mattress onto the floor, in hopes that having it there would help me to get a better sleep. As far as I can tell, it did help with that quite well, because I was out until 3, and felt so much like going back to sleep even after that that I laid back down for another half hour <3 It was kind of unusual waking up with my face right next to the door, but otherwise it'll work until things cool down somewhat again, and as for sitting outside until 8 at work, that proved most enjoyable as well. Talked to Ang for a bit, and spent the rest of my time picking pine cones apart, trying to pull whole blades of grass out of the ground, and enjoying the breeze <3 I think the best part about it was how I went inside first to grab a glass of water, and picked up one of the regular drink cups. Now, there's a big fuss going around about how the staff are to, while working, use only the smaller white and brown cups for their drinks, but to date nobody has said anything to me about using a bigger one. I like to think it's because I do so while I'm not working, but at any rate, I did that tonight then went outside to sit for about half an hour. Then I went back in to change, and immediately after exiting the bathroom, had Sheila on me saying we needed to talk in the back. She wanted to know what I was thinking grabbing a normal cup, and almost as soon as that Melissa, who was there as well, said she doesn't mind me using them because I walk to work, and that the rule specifically states they aren't to be used by staff while on the clock. She of course became apologetic, and I shrugged then went back up front to wait for 8:00. Quite satisfying.

Anyways, just before I head off to bed again tonight, I have a sad dream to write about that I presume was caused by sleeping on the floor last night. It involved Mom, Adam, and me, while was upstairs sleeping, and she and I were trying to find places of our own to lay down. I remembered seeing an empty couch upstairs earlier (the house we were in didn't feel like ours), and said that I was going up there, and was just about to start up the stairs when I turned around to see what she was doing. Spreading out a paper-thin blanket on the ground in a very enclosed room (we were in the basement) that had an all too foreboding feel about it. One that put me so much on edge that I told her she could take the couch instead and I'd sleep in the basement, but she said no, explaining that I'd already claimed the couch and she'd be fine, so I turned around to head up the stairs again, but got about the same distance before turning around once more to see her in the same motions of spreading the sheet, and had a thought run through my head of saying "No. You go upstairs" and then thinking to myself "If I have to, I'll just stay up all night" whereupon the dream ended. It may be worth mentioning that it felt as if we were staying at that house only temporarily, which lends a bit more believability to it having been caused by playing much Avernum 6 last night. It was just incredibly sad to see her spreading out a sheet so thin that it might as well not have existed, in a room that made me really uncomfortable even to look at.

Weird in any case, but that'll be it. Tomorrow doesn't hold much of interest, but a good place to start would be hoping for as restful a sleep as last night. Should happen~

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