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All the Work I Go To...

One email to Michele, along with reminding her when I was in there afternoon, then contacting Steve when she went on vacation, and discussing some of the finer points of the matter with him, then trying to let Tryphena know but having no luck, causing Steve to get a little impatient and me to email Manoah instead saying "If Tryphena does want to volunteer at Heart and Stroke, here's who she has to contact". All of that, and yesterday night (I'd forgotten about it until now) she told me that both of them (her and her Mom) had not gone to help on any of the dates Michele requested them for Big Bike because they forgot, or in Tryphena's case thought she wasn't supposed to be there because Michele was still waiting for her resume. I'm told they even kicked back and had a barbecue outside one of those afternoons, but after bringing it up in a joking manner with their Mom earlier tonight when she came by to pick Manoah up, she wanted to go. It was Tryphena saying they would be better off staying home. I sent Michele an email just a moment ago asking if she needs me this week and also to apologize for that, but in the strictest sense they aren't my responsibility anymore, so it was more a formality than anything. There was just something about her carefree attitude about it the past two nights that bothered me.

Also, since this is something else that connects to the title, work tonight. From ~10:30 to 1 I was up front on my own making all the orders. The first half hour sucked because of everybody deciding to come inside right then, and the remaining time after that was a bother because of the incessant orders and Steve having the gall to go sit in the dining room with Manoah, who was waiting for his ride. I don't expect your help with what I'm doing, Steve, and I'd prefer not to have it, because pretty much anybody knows no more than two orders will go by and you'll start complaining about all the people, but you could be at the back doing dishes, or inside cleaning the floors. Eventually he came in and did some prep work, and once that was done finally walked up and looked like he was getting ready to help me, but of course I was finishing the last few orders just then, so he made a remark about all of them being small "now", then wandered off to the back again. To look at it from a different perspective though, after midnight or so I started to enjoy myself. Forget all the customers - it was just a matter of exchanging humorous remarks with James about the orders or what each of us were doing and paying attention to very little else. Altogether a fun night, and I do hope tomorrow ends up being the same because I plan to bring the chocolate cake I bought at Giant Tiger with me to share, and it wouldn't do to have everybody in an offish mood. Although it still could happen, because Manoah and I are the only actual closers, and we both start at 8.

As for the rest, TekSavvy took their payment a day later than expected, but it has gone through, and now I know the actual total per month is $42.45. Quite an acceptable price considering I'm only 4GB away from having downloaded 200. The only thing I don't understand is why they sent me two invoices, but that's not important. Especially not with these rather large forwards Manoah keeps sending me. At least one a week, and the most recent had to do with "Check out the balloons at the bottom!", but yeah. I guess they really do make a difference to some people. The rest of the night since I got home hasn't been very much more interesting though. Aside from eating supper, I played Avernum 6 for a couple hours straight, and oh so wish I could do the same tomorrow afternoon instead of going to work. Especially what with my room feeling comfortably cool now that I'm sprawled out in the middle of the floor, but in any case, I can get back to that after work. I just need to get to bed relatively soon, as it's almost 8 and I plan to sleep for the same number of hours. In fact, I'll lay down right now~

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