Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost a Waste of Time

Circumstances tonight are that I'm almost going to bed simply because I have to as opposed to being tired. If I were to stay up until, say 8 or 9, I'd undoubtedly sleep late tomorrow afternoon, and that would mess things up for waking up early on Tuesday should Michele need me this week. Mind you I still kind of want to stay awake anyways in hopes that she'll respond to that message before I go to bed. There's still a chance, but probably not before I finish here. I must say I sort of hope she does need me, as it'd be nice to get an idea of what's going on with Tryphena and her Mom now, but all the same I'd be just as content to stay here and hope for thunderstorms. Apparently we'll be seeing much rain within the coming week, which I quite enjoy the thought of, but it's much better if I can use that time just to go out for snacks then enjoy listening to it afterwards <3

One way or the other though, I have enough to keep me occupied here at the moment. The same thing that I spent four hours on tonight, as a matter of fact, and I think I've made decent progress. I'm just starting to hate fighting enemies that back further and further away before they attack, as even though they can only go so far, there's no guarantee the active character will have enough action points to catch up to and attack them, but after that you have to regroup your party to within ten spaces of each other to end the battle. It's far from a new gameplay mechanic (it has been present since at least Avernum 3), but I haven't played any of those games in a while, and forgot about it as such. Speaking of the other games though, I definitely think I'll be playing through the rest after I finish the sixth <3 Probably not the first, because it doesn't have a journal, but the rest are fun, with slight exception for the second and third's inventory system.

The funny part about the above is how I have no plans at all for tomorrow aside from that, and for good reason. If the weather ends up matching that being forecast over on the website, it'll be even hotter during the afternoon than any other day this past week, and in that case getting out and going somewhere would be a better idea. I don't care about the heat as long as I have a place to stop for water. It's sitting at home with nothing but fans to keep cool with that sucks. I'm not sure where I could go tomorrow though, as I only have ~$22 available between now and Thursday, but I told Manoah and James tonight that I'd be going to Giant Tiger tomorrow to check if they had more pies and cakes, so I might do that, and have also been giving thought to getting a box of Timbits as those chips I bought last week are foul (to say the least - I don't like the flavor), leaving me with not much else.

As I did just recently though, I have another dream to write about just before I head off to try and sleep.

I was out for a walk, up by Food Basics, walking along the sidewalk right next to the store. The whole area was enclosed like a tunnel, for reasons I never came to realize, and on my way through I passed by two people who looked like a father and daughter. Once past them, I turned around and saw him staring at me with eyes wide and a faint, unstable smile. The kind you'd want to stay away from somebody bearing. I think he said something to me like "I didn't say you should come through here, so what should I do to you?" whereupon he reached into his pocket, came back out with a short knife, said "Stab you?" and did just that. The knife went in just above my armpit, and stuck there as if it had gone into bone or something. Upon consideration that wouldn't actually be possible, but that's what happened in the dream. So he did that, and went on to motion to his daughter and say something like "And I won't take it out until you pay for all her college tuition and for the rest of my kids as well." Then I went into Food Basics, planning to ask somebody to call the police, but he followed me in, so I grabbed a shopping cart, and literally charged at him, and again a second time which knocked him to the floor, where I proceeded to lift the thing up and slam it down on him. It seemed to have no effect though, so I did it again, and once more after that, before he finally collapsed, and I shouted for one of the onlookers to call the police since I was busy holding the guy down, and ended up having to pull my shirt down to show them the knife. And then I woke up. Yeah. Such violence.

But as said above that'll be it once again, and I have but one more thing to do before laying down. Put my blanket in the laundry hamper, because over the past couple nights I've demonstrated the uncanny ability to go to sleep with it nowhere near me, and wake up with it somewhere on the mattress. Not at all bad - I'm just curious to see if it happens again. Nothing better to do at the moment~

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