Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Summer Must Stay Like This

Of all the things I'd like to do today, going back to sleep for another hour or two and waking up earlier than normal tomorrow to make up for it is right at the top of my list. I didn't even use my big box fan last night and still had an extremely restful sleep, made better by having a crash of thunder wake me up just as it was starting to rain and sitting up in bed to watch it for a little while <3 I'd like to think it's as cool outside as it is in here as well, but the first thing I noticed when I stepped out into the hallway earlier was how much more humid it seemed even out there. It should still make for a refreshing walk home, and mark my words I'm going to see either Indian Creek or Park Ave before I get there, but it's nice to finally have some cooler weather, if a bit late now that I have to work tonight.

An hour earlier than normal too, but I'm definitely not going to be late this time. Somehow I don't think Steve would notice even if I was, but I have tomorrow night off and will be most certainly be keeping that in mind most of the night. I'm hoping to notice a bit of a difference in the coming schedules anyways, because while I'm enjoying always having Tuesdays and Thursdays off (it saves me having to wash the dishes before work, and also having to put the order away), I gave my availability throughout the summer for those two nights as 9pm to close. It probably won't be any different after the first couple, but it's been much too long since I started later than normal like that. I can still remember a few shifts I had when Earl was there where I started at midnight. The odds of Melissa scheduling anybody like that are utterly nonexistent, but it's still a fun thought <3 The only thing I'm not particularly looking forward to is seeing my pay stub, but I've had more shifts these past two weeks than on our previous pay, so maybe it won't be all bad. Besides, while I may have already gone ahead and spent ~$40 that I shouldn't have, Naomi owes me the same amount for the internet this month, so whenever she stops making excuses and goes to the bank, that will be evened out.

Along the same lines, I also have to leave a note for Melissa asking to have Father's Day off, since it'll be here quickly enough. Then I also need to ask everybody if they're fine with going to Boston Pizza for supper, and then get my own things together for that day. Probably not what I was originally thinking, in such that a card with money in it and a cake will have to suffice, but I can easily write a note in the card about how I couldn't find anything that I really wanted to get for him. On a final (and somewhat unrelated) note for today, I beat Avernum 6 last night, which makes almost a week on and off. Just as soon though, I've already started a new game to pick up on what I missed the first time through. Lots and lots of quests, collecting various items from containers early in the game that I didn't realize were clickable before, hopefully manipulating the (power hungry) dragon you have to help near the end of the game so he comes out as less influential, and other such odds and ends. The ending I saw last night was alright, but on a whole it makes things sound too wild and uncontrolled.

Without further delay though, I need to get ready for work, so I'm off to take my cereal bowl downstairs and whatnot else~

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