Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Thought, Not Music

I need to ask for this icon to be edited. Just to take out the earphones, because it works much better as one representing contemplation than anything to do with music. I doubt I actually will because it's not that important, but I still like the thought because I've been wanting something new for a couple days now, and icons would be a good place to start <3 Unfortunately, I took a look at Furbid earlier and aside from what are still there from before, the only new auctions are almost certainly spam (quite a few in the $700 range by a user named "laptops99"), and more complete pictures. Oh, and while I'm at it, I finally sent an email out to the two people I'm supposed to be getting art from. Just a couple lines saying "Checking in on things. I look forward to hearing from you" because I don't feel like flat out delivering an ultimatum, so with any luck they'll respond soon.

Anyways, to switch off to a different topic, I'm thinking about what to do tomorrow afternoon. While I'd like to go through with everything as it's been the past couple weeks (visit Dollarama, Walmart, and possibly one or two other places later in the evening), I have but one thing to buy this time. A jar of maraschino cherries from Real Canadian Superstore. Maybe an odd thing to purchase, but I've wanted them since I bought a couple of those chocolate coated cherry in a box candies from Giant Tiger, and as I completely and utterly refuse to give that place so much as a penny for the next month, maybe two (it's a(nother) long story) the fruit alone will have to do. All I really want is the syrup and cherries, so one or two bottles will keep me quite happy <3 Mind you, I'm also thinking about getting a sandwich from Tim Hortons for supper, but that'll only happen if I walk home. Otherwise it's (garlic) grilled cheese, or whatever everybody else has. I'm doing passably well weight-wise these days, but not so much for money so being stringent right now feels good. Although Steve did say we're supposed to be getting new HST checks soon, for more than those of the GST variety were, and along with our vacation pay that'll be a nice sum to tuck away. I unfortunately cannot claim to have such an interest in going back to London as I did before, but it's too early to make a decision about that yet.

Now that I've mentioned Steve though, our talking in the dining room tonight let me to a small revelation. Could the reason for my room being so much more humid than the rest of the house be because my laundry hamper was over the vent in my floor? I only put it there to minimize the noise drifting into the TV room from my laptop, but if it means even a couple degrees cooler, I'll take it. And on that note, I think I'll be done because it's cool enough in here that I could put my mattress back on the bottom bunk and still get a good sleep. There's just some stuff on it that'll need to be cleared off, but that'll be easy, and well worth getting a good sleep for~

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