Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Still Being Talked About

THere's no other way to put it than to say that tonight was bad. Near constant orders, and I didn't feel terribly like being there in the first place, and the best part was still having people lined up outside for another ten minutes after we should've closed, but after a point I gave up on trying to keep everything pristine and ready to go for when we finished the orders, and got stuff out much faster from then on. Busy nights are only fun when I'm alert and can get some banter going with whoever's working drive through, and neither happened tonight. There were a few minutes I also enjoyed though, right at the end when I changed out of my uniform and got the cardboard and garbage ready to take out. Eryn and Manoah were still working on the dishes, and when she saw me walk out of the bathroom, switched topics to how some then-unnamed people were "chirping on me" last time she worked. Saying stuff like they can always tell when I work a close on drive through because the dishes are never clean, which is a blatant lie if I've ever heard one, but there's no point going into that after I reveal the next bit.

Being curious, I asked who she was talking about. Melissa and Mary. If it wasn't for that Eryn would be dragged into it (and believe me, I badly want to ignore that fact), I'd take them aside next time we worked together and clear things up. I even had a sharp comment all ready to go on the way home. "I don't care what position you hens hold in the hierarchy of this store, but I won't tolerate slander" and "What's that Mary? I think you're confused. We're here to discuss you two talking behind my back. Not what you think of how I do my work." I know they're just doing that for giggles in the end, because if there were serious problems Melissa wouldn't be so friendly towards me every time we see each other, but it's hard to not want to say anything. On the same topic as well (comments made about me without my knowledge), there was a small group outside talking to Glenda just before I started tonight, and wanting to wait until 8:00 to begin my work, I went out there as well to stand outside for a bit. Skip ahead several hours to when Manoah, Eryn and I were the only ones working, and he tells me about how Glenda asked him why I'm still losing weight. First of all, it hasn't been an ongoing process this time around, and I'm trying to because I know I can still be in better shape. Tell that to the pizza and cookies I ate immediately upon coming home tonight, but before that I'd only eaten cereal and five peanut butter cups, so it should work out. Oh, and I also walked home without a shirt a slightly longer route tonight (starting from Woods), but that was almost entirely because it was so humid out. I'm not sure where the rain went that was falling earlier in the night, but hopefully we get a storm later this morning or afternoon <3

As for the rest, I'm not sure there's much else to say yet. Well, actually, one side topic could be that I emailed Nintendo a couple days ago asking what I could do about not having received my Game & Watch Collection yet. Their response says that I haven't spent any of my coins at all, which is odd because I could be sure I did, but then they also go on to say that the reason I only received the Mario hat and not the calendar as well was because the calendar was the gold level reward. You're only allowed one or the other if you reach platinum, apparently. Doesn't make much sense to me, but tomorrow I'll have to see if I can remember my password and look around at what else I can buy with my coins. Should there be nothing else of interest, I'll go with the same item as before, but I'm completely out of room for any new games up on my shelf, so something else would be preferable. Also, on a more amusing note, Tryphena told Manoah who told me that the last Big Bike ride was being held tonight. About an hour after he got that message on his phone, another one appeared saying that they'd hit an old lady. Oh yeah. Now I'm really hoping Michele needs me this week so I can ask her about that. Continuing in the vein of volunteering as well, I'm also told Tryphena may not be asked back to do office work, because she might be going to volunteer at another organization, but they might bring her Mom on for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It'd be fun to see her there too, so that's two reasons to be hopeful Michele says yes.

In the meantime though, I'd like to get to bed a little earlier tonight, and see what things are like when I wake up. If nothing else I'm at least going out for a snack later in the evening, but as noted yesterday, I have about seventeen dollars left for that until the 18th, and only seven of that in cash. Could buy a couple donuts and candies with that alone, but I'll see then. Going nowhere could end up being nice too for all I know. It's just too early to say~

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