Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Wrong Answer

The second artist I sent an email out to the other night responded today. Their exact message is as follows:

Hi there, still working on them. I cannot rerember if you had prepaid me or if these were pay on completion? Do you recall? I am overloaded on comissions and fear I will have to cancel this one if it was not prepaid, if it was prepaid, I will still complete as I do not have funds for refunds available at this time.

Let's pick this apart bit by bit. First of all, they have a Gmail address, meaning all the messages in any particular conversation are viewable at once. That is unless they deleted the rest, which wouldn't be very helpful because then they'd have lost the email I sent them with my references and description of what I wanted and everything. What that means is that they should, with almost complete certainty, be able to look back through our other messages and find the one where I mentioned having sent them payment. Ergo, the commissions were prepaid. Just a minor annoyance to me, if anything.

Moving on though, if what they say is true, they've been "overloaded" since February. The 15th, although possibly earlier, but that's when I sent them the money. In other words I've been waiting for almost four months now and they still haven't been able to catch up. I know school ended just recently so if they were still enrolled they'd have been busy with that, and there are an innumerable amount of other things that could've come up, so sure, I'll try to be understanding and patient, because it's better to get what I purchased in a non-rushed manner than having it / them done in a hurry. To be completely honest though, why, aside from needing money, would you put up an an auction to be commissioned if you had too many other projects to finish already? I almost can't help wondering if they remember telling me they had a bunch of of other commissions to get to first before. If not, their saying it now would make far more sense, but if so, I'm going to be a little more hard-pressed to believe it then before.

Next, you fear you'll have to cancel the commission if it wasn't prepaid? I know and understand that all artists have that right, and it's even something I keep in mind for situations where the artist wants payment after they've fulfilled their end of the bargain. Being given no explanation as to why, aside from "I am overloaded on commissions", however, is far more annoying to hear. Thing is, they already have their money, so we'll move on to the latter half of the same sentence, about still completing the commissions as they don't have enough money to give a refund. Are you saying that if you did, I would have no choice in the matter? Again, I can see how you would have that right, in a skewed sort of way, but then I'd have to go back to the wait again. I haven't been sitting here in relative patience (sometimes more, sometimes less) since February just for you to end up saying "Oh, I can't do these for you anymore, but here's your money back."

The best part? Not one word of apology about the wait in general or taking two months to even respond. I know, I know, normally when anybody says sorry I tell them "No need to apologize", but it's a formality. I appreciate the apology just as much as they presumably like to know that I didn't mind the wait, but it wouldn't be the same if we assumed that for each other and didn't say anything. Anyways though, I'm stuck on how to respond to them now. The simplest way would be to say "I prepaid them, and can give you the email Paypal sent me if you want confirmation", but I'm also not content to let everything else I've said here slide. I want a reason to still leave them a ten for feedback, but at the same time the thought of saying "If it's that much of a bother then just don't worry about it" is oh so satisfying. I'll figure something out by the end of the night~

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